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The History of Softball

You might have thought softball was invented from taking the idea of baseball, but there really is another story and this page has the story.

One winter day, long ago in November 1887, in Chicago, Illonois, alumnis of Harvard and Yale were sitting around waiting for the score of the rival football game. When the news arrived that the score was 17-8 Yale, a Yale alumni threw a boxing glove at a Harvard alumni who protected himself by hitting the glove with a stick. This gave another man in the room, George Hancock, an idea. Hancock made a game inside by tying the laces of the boxing glove together for the ball. He marked with chalk, homeplate, bases, and a pitcher's box. That was the first game of softball. The score was 41-40. Little did George Hancock know, but about a century later this sport would played by millions. As the years went on, 19 rules were added to the sport, it became very popular with firemen, and it was also given many names. In the summer of 1900, it was called Kitten League, then later Kitten Ball, and in 1925 it was called Diamand Ball. Finally, in 1933 softball became a national sport and was called softball.

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