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The All-American Girl's Professional Baseball League All-Star Team

Joanne Weaver


Fort Wayne Daisies-1946-1953

All-Stars Teams-1

Player of the Year-1954

Lifetime Batting Average-.359

Betty "Metropolis Mauler" Weaver Foss

Third/first base

Fort Wayne Daisies-1950-1954

All-Star Teams-1

Player of the Year-1952

Lifetime Batting Average-.340 (1954 statistics not available)

Jean Faut

Pitcher (overhand)

South Bend Blue Sox-1946-1953

All-Star Teams-4

Player of the Year-1951,1953

Lifetime E.R.A.-1.23

140 wins;64 losses

Connie "Iron Woman" Winiewski

Pitcher (underhand)/outfield

Milwaukee/Grand Rapids Chicks-1944-1949, 1951-1952

All-Star Teams-5

Player of the Year-1945

Lifetime E.R.A.-1.48

107 wins, 48 losses

Lifetime Batting Average-.275

Ruth "Richie" Richard


Grand Rapids Chicks-1947, Rockford Peaches-1948-1954

All-Star Teams-6

Lifetime Batting Average-.241

Sophie "Flint Flash" Kurys

Second Base

Racine Belles-1943-1950, Battle Creek Belles-1952

All-Star Teams-4

Player of the Year-1946

Lifetime Batting Average-.260

Lifetime Stolen Bases-1,114

Dorothy "Dottie" Schroeder

South Bend Blue Sox, Kenosha Comets, Fort Wayne Daisies, Kalamazoo Lassies-1943-1954

All-Star Teams-3


Lifetime Batting Average-.211

Doris "Sammy" Sams


Muskegon/Kalamazoo Lassies-1946-1953

All-Star Teams-5

Player of the Year-1947 and 1949

Lifetime Batting Average-.290

Lifetime E.R.A.-2.16

64 wins, 47 losses


Dorothy "Kammie" Kamenshak

First base

Rockford Peaches-1943-1951, 1953

All-Star Teams-7

Lifetime Batting Average-.292

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