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All-American Professional Baseball League

These were the first four women signed into the league.

During World War II while the men were off fighting the entertainment bussiness had to find a way to entertain the public and they did finding great jobs for women. They came up with a women's softball league that later changed to baseball. In 1942, Phillip Wrigley, President of William Wrigley Jr. and owner of the Chicago Cubs came up with idea of making a softball league for women. In 1943, Wrigley's league began. It started with four teams. The Kenosha Comets, Racine Belles, Rockford Peaches, and South Bend Blue Sox. Here is the compete list of teams and the years they were around. Kenosha Comets

Kenosha Comets


Racine Belles

1943-1950 (moved to Battle Creek in 1951)

Rockford Peaches


South Bend Blue Sox


Milwaukee Chicks

1944 (moved to Grand Rapids in 1945)

Minneapolis Millerettes

1944 (moved to Fort Waynes and became the Daisies)

Fort Wayne Daisies


Grand Rapids Chicks


Muskegon Lassies

1946-1950 (moved to Kalamazoo)

Peoria Redwings


Chicago Colleens


Springfield Sallies


Kalamazoo Lassies


Battle Creek Belles

1951-1952 (moved to Muskegon in 1953)

Muskegon Belles


This is a program of a Colleens, Sallies Game

If you would like to learn more about the AAGPBL, I recommend the bookA Whole New Ball Gameby Sue Macy.Click here to go to and buy the book

Also if you like the AAGPBL, you can see the movie by Penny Marshall, "A League of Their Own".Click here to but it at

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