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Jeff hitting Bradshaw with a cane

Jeff landing on his tip toes

Group hug

Baseball slide by Jeff to Matt

Matt upside down on the apron

Twist Of Fate by Matt to Bradshaw

Jeff coming in with a tope con hilo

Matt with a piscado

Jeff sitting on the top turnbuckle

Close up on Jeff's face

Jeff looking like he is crying

Jeff in the ring with his gold hair

Picture of Jeff in a magazine with a wet mark on his shirt

Jeff struttin' to the ring on Smackdown!

Jeff talking to a injured Droz backstage

Matt in the corner of the ring

Matt giving the guns with a DX shirt on

Matt talking to Kevin Kelly at WM2K

Matt looking hurt

The Hardyz celebrate a win

Hardyz taunting towards the ring

Promo shot of the Hardyz

Hardyz coming towards the ring

Picture of the Hardyz in a magazine

Hardyz in their old titantron video

Cool picture of the Hardyz and Gangrel

Hardyz don't want anything to do with Mankind

Hardyz backstage

Jeff talking to Terri

Jeff with his fist out

Jeff looking sad

Swanton Bomb to X-Pac!

Jeff doing a back flip over a ducking X-Pac

Hardyz with Michael Hayes in the ring

The Hardyz debut with Michael Hayes

Hardyz and the Acolytes falling down

Here comes jeff with a tope con hilo

Hardyz and Shane Helmes on the outside in a OMEGA match

Matt hitting a neckbreaker on Duane Gill

Matt with a nice moonsault to Duane Gill

Hardyz coming to the ring on HeAt

Matt about to catch another wrestler

Jeff with a back body drop to Too Sexy Brian Christopher

Jeff jumping in the air as another wrestler is coming at him

Matt with another pretty moonsault

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