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Swanton Bomb while someone is taking a picture

Jeff really wants a tag

Jeff with da guns

Jeff on ropes

Hardyz in an interview session

Hardyz coming to the ring

Double Team Leg Drops to Malenko

Hardyz arriving to the arena

Matt checking on Jeff

Jeff making a weird face in an interview

Hardyz walking down to the ring

Jeff celebrating

Jeff talking with Kevin Kelly

450 Splash to Matt from Jeff

Jeff about to jump over Edge

Matt with the gunz

Hardyz looking towards the ring

Jeff on a balcony with the guns in Madison Square Garden

Jeff with the guns

Jeff pointing

Jeff with a funny face near the ropes

Twist Of Fate!

Hardyz announcing

Jeff holding his head

Jeff with the guns

Jeff looking on with Terri

Matt looking strange

Matt with a chair

Jeff in mid air

Hardyz entering

Blackman better watch out

Back view of the swanton bomb

Tope con Hilo by Jeff

Jeff flying

Jeff with the guns

Jeff with a moonsault to X-Pac

Swanton Bomb to Droz

Jeff with the guns

Swanton Bomb to Droz again

Hurricanrana by Jeff

Swanton Bomb!

Jeff on top of a cage

Another Swanton Bomb

Moonsault by Matt

Double Team Legdrops to Mosh

Matt with a moonsault

Matt in mid air

Hardyz putting Buh Buh Ray through a table

Side Leg Drop to Crash

Swanton BOMB!