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Jeff with his title getting congradualted by fans

Matt screaming and celebrating with his title and Lita

Matt and Jeff extatic after being handed the titles

Jeff getting his arm raised in victory by the referee!

Matt and Jeff embracing

Matt and Jeff hit the floor to win the Tag team titles

Matt and Jeff knocking Edge of the cage with some chairs

Matt , Jeff and Edge on the top of the steel cage

Matt up on the cage with Edge as Jeff springs up with a chair

Jeff in mid air doing a 360 corkscrew moonsault off the top of the cage!

Top view of cage as Jeff is standing on top

Jeff climbing a ladder on the outside

The ladder falls to the outside

Matt trying to climb out of the cage

Matt laying against the fencing

Jeef unlocking the door to the cage

Jeff lying on the outside

Matt taking a huge suplex

Matt about to take a double suplex!

Christian is crotched by Matt

Twist Of Fate!!!!

Edge getting crotched by Matt

Jeff hanging on

Jeff climbing the cage

Matt kicking Edge

Hardyz walking to the ring

Hardyz enter the Unforgiven arena