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- Dating Assistance for the Jewish male -

Shidduch Agencies - This page pokes harmless fun at matchmakers and their tactics - This REAL website will ask you a few questions about both yourself and what you're looking for in a significant other, and then allow you to post a "singles ad" online.

Who Wants to Marry A Flatbush Millionaire - I'm sure by now you've all seen the hype out there ... I might not wear as flashy a tie as Regis but I still came up with my own "slightly modified" version of the game. GOOD LUCK!!

The Official JAP Website - Just in case you guys really want to know about, and or try to understand the psyche of the typical "Jewish Girl" prior to going out with one!! (not to be taken seriously - only included on this site for amusement)

N.Y.C. Weather Report - A site which must be checked prior to calling up the girl!! (It's a woman thing - ask your mother to explain it to you) - A free service for those who's minds are so mush after the first phone call that they need a phone call reminder of their upcoming date!!

Driving Directions - Check out this VERY accurate website just to make sure that you know exactly how to get to the girls house. Even then, allow some time to account for unexpected traffic.

Selecting an Outfit - This is for those of you who are completely ignorant when it comes time to decide what to wear and are too embarrassed to admit that at this stage in your life you still haven't mastered the art of "matching".

Virtual Desserts - Take my advice and have one of these before you leave your house. You know you'll be tempted to have one after dinner (but don't want to appear like a child) so satisfy that craving now. Little secret ... Women know what desserts spelled backwards is (otherwise known as calories)& therefore won't be having one :o)

Lounges - A list of lounges that women love to be taken to.

Dining out has always been popular. A restaurant is the perfect setting for getting acquainted. The food is always there to fill in those silent moments, and often serves as an ice breaker - a conversation opener.

My Restaurant Database - For those of you who are in need of the COMPLETE kosher restaurant listings in N.Y.C.

Shamash Database - A listing of kosher restaurants by area (within New York eg. Bklyn, Queens, S.I. / as well as outside New York). I still find my own database(above) to be more accurate for Manhattan restaurants.

Tipping Schedule - For those of you who are always befuddled when it comes to this part of the date

Of course, eating out is only one activity of many.

The following may give you some other ideas:

Theme Restaurants - A few fun places to go for drinks

Chelsea Piers - As if this one even needs an explanation. Golf / Bowling / Arcades / Ice Skating / Scenic View etc...

Rockefeller Center Ice Skating - Ice skating information times/dates

Liberty State Park - Information on the Statue of Liberty / Ellis Island tours. You know you've never been there! tsk tsk, and you call yourselves Noo Yawkers.

South Street Seaport - It's very cool to be able to see this stuff up close

Our Name Is Mud - A very relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere where you can really show off your artistic talents!! (or lack thereof :o)

ESPN Zone - This is a really fun place to go out and show a girl what a true sports fan you really are (or suprisingly enough - to find out what a true sports fan SHE really is)

Table of Stuff To Do In NYC

Sightseeing in NYC Museums 
Billiard Parlors Comedy Clubs
Other Fun Stuff To Do In NYC Entertainment Table

Beekman Tower
3 Mitchell Pl.(E. 49th & 1st Ave.)
Central Park
830 5th Avenue
Central Park Zoo
64th Street & 5th Avenue
The Carousel
65th Street & Central Park West
The Sheep Meadow
66th to 69th Street on the West Side
Strawberry Fields
West 72nd to 74th Street
Loeb Boat House
74th & 75th St. near 5th Avenue
Conservatory Gardens
105th St. & 5th Avenue
Belvedere Castle
79th Street at Mid Park
The Great Lawn
80th - 85th St. at Mid Park
The Reservoir
86th to 96th Street
New York Botanical Gardens
200th Street and Southern Blvd. Bronx
Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
1000 Washington Avenue, Brooklyn
Staten Island Botanical Gardens
1000 Richmond Terrace, Staten Island
The Bronx Zoo
Fordham Rd and Southern Blvd, Bronx
The New York Aquarium
West 8th Street and Surf Ave, Coney Island

American Museum of Natural History
Central Park West at 79th Street
American Museum of the Moving Image
35th Avenue at 36th Street, Astoria
Museum of Jewish Heritage
First Place, Battery Park City
The Cloisters
Fort Tryon Park
Cooper Hewitt Museum
2 East 91st Street (at 5th Ave)
Frick Collection
5th Avenue & 70th Street
Guggenheim Museum Soho
575 Broadway at Prince Street
Hayden Planetarium
81st Street and Central Park West
Intrepid Sea Air/Space Museum
West 46th Street at 12th Ave.
Jewish Museum
1109 5th Avenue
Metropolitan Museum of Art
1000 5th Ave. & 82nd Street
Morgan Library
Madison Ave. & 36th Street
Museum of American Folk Art
2 Lincoln Square
Museum of Television & Radio
25 West 52nd Street
The Museum of the City of N.Y.
1220 5th Ave. & 103rd Street
Museum of Modern Art
11 West 53rd Street
The Smithsonian Museum of Design
2 East 91st Street
Guggenheim Museum
1071 5th Avenue
Whitney Museum of American Art
945 Madison Avenue at 75th Street

Billiard Parlors
Amsterdam Billiard Club
344 Amsterdam Avenue (bet. 76th & 77th St.)
Broadway Billiards Unlimited Inc.
3550 Broadway
Champion Inc.
131 Avenue C
Chelsea Billiards
54 West 21st Street
City Hall Billiard Club
150 Nassau Street
Corner Billiards
85 4th Ave.(at 11th Street
Guys and Gals Billiard Parlors
500 West 207th Street
Jack's Billiards
614 9th Ave.
Klipper Klub
636 Avenue of the Americas
Leisure Time Recreation
625 8th Avenue
Le Q Billiards
36 E.12th St. btwn University & B'way
Mammoth Billiards
220 East 86th Street
Olympia Recreation Center, Inc.
550 West 125th Street
Pockets & Billiards Café
7 West 18th Street
Tekk Billiards
75 Christopher Street
The Billiard Club
220 West 19th Street
West Side Billiard Club
601 W. 50th St. (11th Ave.)

Comedy Clubs
Boston Comedy Club
1118 1st Avenue
358 West 44th Street
Stand-Up New York
236 West 78th Street
Steve McGraw's
158 West 72nd Street
1118 1st Ave.(61st & 62nd)
Catch a Rising Star
253 W. 28th St. (7th & 8th)
Chicago City Limits
1105 1st Ave. (61st)
Comedy Cellar
117 McDougal Street
Comic Strip Live
1568 2nd Avenue (81st)

Other Activities
Barnes & Noble (Books and Cafe)
All over the place
Horseback Riding
Clairmont Horseback Riding
175 West 89th Street
Ice Skating
Lasker Ice Rink
106th Street & East Drive
Rockefeller Skating
1 Rockefeller Plaza
Sky Rink
Chelsea Piers (see above)
The Ice Studio
1034 Lexington Avenue
The Rink
2 World Trade Center
Wollman Ice Rink
59th St. (bet. 5th & 6th Ave's)
Leisure Time Bowling
42nd Street (Port Authority Terminal)
Bowlmor Lanes
110 University Place
Mini Golf
Putter's Paradise
48 West 21st Street

And MOVIES of course!!! (see below)

The Entertainment Table

Internet Movie Database Ultimate Band List TV Guide ESPN SportsZone CNN Online
Siskel & Ebert Billboard Online Jay Leno CBS SportsLine CNBC Online
777-FILM Z100 Saturday Night Live WWF New York Times
Cinema1 95.5 WPLJ Seinfeld Fastball Newsday
Hollywood Online 102.7 WNEW Friends Mets Homepage New York Post
Men In Black II 103.5 WKTU Dawson's Creek Major League Baseball Daily News
The Bourne Identity 98.3 WKJY Ally McBeal NBA, NFL, NHL Jerusalem Post
Daredevil HardRadio South Park New York Rangers 1010 WINS
This last table was created by "THE MAN" who likes to be known as: Martin Bodek

The following are a few articles which were written by a really good friend of mine who wishes to be known simply as The Bodie.This will hopefully give you girls a little more insight as to how difficult it is on the guys end.

Dating Jitters - Part I Dating Jitters - Part IIDating Jitters - Part III

Here are two topics which I feel are important for every guy/girl to know and understand. One is cute & the other is of a more serious nature. Please take the time to read both and truly believe what you read!!

What to Look for in Shidduchim How to Find Your Bashert

The Underground Guide To Shidduch Dating

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