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Welcome to Sheenah Thompson's Home Page
Fall '99 Tech Prep
        As you browse through my Home Page, you will find many things about Sheenah. you will find some college essays that  I have written to so far like Fairfield University, Drexel University, and Deleware State University. At my Home Page you will also find my essay on doing college research on-line

Table of Contents

Project I:  College Search
1. My College Essay
2.How it is like to do college search on the Internet?
3.My Recommendation of the best two colleges
Project II :
"Allegory of the Case" by Plato
Project III: Oedipus
Project IV: Antigone
Project V: The Jungle
                1. Movie Review
               2.  Journals
                3. Dialogue Between Jurgis & Stanislovas
                4. Letter from An American
                5. A LETTER TO PAT LORANCE

Project VI: Writing about New York Part I
Part II
Project VII: Macbeth
Project VIII:Things Fall Apart
Project XI: SAT Prep
College Essay
My Resume

My Favorite Links