Ese Odi-Meji


"The very tall and powerful Odi,
the very very powerful Odi"
were the ones who cast Ifa
for Eji Odi, on the day
that he went to the market of Ejigbomekun,
on the day also that he wept
because he had no wife.
They instructed Eji Odi to make sacrifice.
"Allright, but what?" was the not
unreasonable question.
They told him to offer
plenty of honey, for if it all fails,
honey's sweetness still will do the trick.
Eji Odi listened and made the sacrifice.
Out of the large amounts of honey
he took to the Awo's, the Awo's took
just a little, and made medicine of it.
As soon as Eji Odi arrived at the market
of Ejigbomekun, he accosted the Chief
of the Market Women, and poured some honey
from the medicine bottle the Awo's gave,
into her private opening;
this unorthodox method did the trick nicely.
Both engaged in intercourse, and Eji Odi
had the time of his life. So did the woman.
The result of this strange encounter was
that most men, arriving from far and wide, wanted
to have intercourse with the Chief Market woman.
She made them all happy, and they loudly sang:
"Leader of Market Women, Chief, let us go!
Sweet honey prevents us
from leaving your market,
sweet honey."

Obara Meji