Ese Obara-Irete

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"When Obara falls
and then Irete falls, we think
immediately of Orunmila"
were the ones who cast for Orunmila
and told him to sacrifice, in order
not to encounter an enormous problem,
and also to be important, always,
wherever he would be or go.
What was to be sacrificed?
To be sacrificed was a snail,
a white cloth, 3200 cowries, and ewe.
Orunmila listened and made the sacrifice.
And then they told him that he would never
be confronted with anything above his powers.
Orunmila initiated himself into Ifa,
and always, forever, he would
initiate others into Ifa too, he would
initiate all students of Ifa.
Ifa says this Odu says that his person might be
on the path of Ifa.
The ebo is 1 snail,
a white cloth, 780 cowries
and ewe.

"I cast my eyes in front of the world,
and perceived reason and intelligence;
I looked at the trail the world had left
and perceived only misery; so I wrapped
my gown around me and took off, fast,
like the whole world was pursuing me"
were the ones who cast for Orunmila,
on the day that Iku, that is Death, wanted
to collect all Orisha's at once.
Orunmila asked: "Will he take me?"
They told him to sacrifice a rooster,
a ram, and seven bags of cowries,
and they prepared ewe for him,
named Erunyantefe, and Iku
could not kill Orunmila, who lived
until he reached a very ripe old age.
And that's exactly what the Awo's had said:
"I looked into the future and I saw
reason, intelligence, and behind me
nothing but misery and trouble, so I took
my meager possessions and shot through
with the padre's daughter, like a man possessed,
like one who is hunted prey" were the ones
who cast for Orunmila, on the day
tha Iku wanted to get all Orisha's.
Greetings to the sacrifice here, made
to make our survival slightly more likely.

Iwori Meji
Obara Meji