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Smith Ancestral Biography

America For Me

My heart is sailing home, and there I long to be
In the land of youth and freedom - beyond the ocean bars,
Where the air is full of sunlight and the flag is full of stars. . .
I long to take your hand, my dear, and ramble for a day
In the friendly western woodland where Nature has her way.
The glory of the present is to make the Future free,
We love our land for what she is and what she is to be.
I want a ship that's westward bound to plough the rolling sea,
To the blessed land of room enough - beyond the ocean bars,
Where the air is full of sunlight and the flag is full of stars.
---- Van Dyke

n the year of our Lord 1602, in the hamlet of Hadleigh, Suffolk County England, Samuel Smith was born. He was our first Smith ancestor to set foot on North American soil. Twas 1634 when he arrived in Boston, Massachusetts, settling in at Newtown - better known today as Cambridge, in Middlesex County . with his wife Elizabeth Smythe and their first 4 children.


Their marriage record has been found! They married in St. Margaret's Church in a small town called Burstall which is very close to Hadleigh and Whatfield in England. The parents were John and Mary Smith. Pam may have also found the baptism record of Samuel (also in London). Haven't seen the original entry only transcripts but there was a Samuel baptized in Sep of 1601 which would make him 32 when he emigrated in April 1634 (the age given on the manifest).

In 1635 at the age of 33 Samuel traveled with Parson Hooker's settlers to Wethersfield, Connecticut . By 1657 Samuel now 55, had settled in Hadley, Hampshire County Massachusetts. There he raised generations of new Americans.

From : Colonial Families of the United States of America: Volume 3
The ancestor of this family was Lieut. Samuel SMITH, of Hadley, Mass., b. in England, September 16021 or 1602 ; d. Dec. 1680. With his wife and four children he sailed from Ipswich, England, in the barque “Elizabeth,” 30th Apr. 1634, landed in June of the same year, and settled in Watertown. Was made a freeman of Massachusetts, 3d Sept. 1634. Was one of the founders of Wethersfield, Conn., 1636-37, and became one of its most prominent citizens. Was an “Antient Serjeant” at Wethersfield, Conn., before 1658, and in command of the militia from 1663 to 1675. Deputy to General Court of Massachusetts Bay, 1661-73. Commissioner to the Mohawks, 1667. In 1659, became one of the founders of Hadley, Mass. m. Elizabeth Smyth, b. 1602, in England; d. 16th Mar. 1685, in Hadley, Mass.

*Military records indicate Samuel served under Captain Turner during the Falls fight.

Now in February of 1761, another child was born. He was a 5th generation American. His name would be Aaron, and he would not watch, or wait, while the bloody American Revolution raged. So, too young for regular service he enlisted as a servant to his brother, Captain Eliakin and served alongside his brothers, Enas, Oliver, and Timothy until he was old enough to enlist.
Captain Eliakin SMITH served the Provincial Army before Boston, Coving, Hadley beginning April 20, 1775.


From "Soldier and Sailors of the American Revolution," Volume 14, page 330 Smith, Aaron, Hadley. Descriptive list of men raised in Hampshire County to serve in the Continental Army for a term of 9 months from the time of their arrival at Fishkill. Agreeable to resolve of April 20, 1778;

Served #1: Captain Cook's Company, Colonel Porter's Regiment. In April 1778 Aaron was 18 years old. His stature is listed as 5 feet 7 inches. Residence: Hadley, Hampshire County Massachusetts Occupation: Engaged for town of Hadley, Massachusetts Arrived at Fishkill June 16, 1778;

Served #2: Jonathan Warner, Commissioner, by Col. R. Putnam, July 20, 1778;

Served #3: From the list of men raised to serve in the Continental Army, as returned by Capt. Samuel Cook; Residence, Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts Engaged for town of Hadley, Massachusetts

Served #4: Joined Capt. Benson's Company., Col. Putnam's regt; term, during war;

Served #5: As Private, Capt. Benson's Company., Col. Rufus Putnam's regt.; Continental Army pay accounts for service from July 25, 1778, to Dec. 31, 1780;

Served and Attended #6: From descriptive list dated West Point, Jan. 10, 1781; Capt. White's Company., Col. Rufus Putnam's (5th) regt.; Rank, Private; age, 19 yrs. 11 mos.; Stature, 5 ft. 10 in.; complexion, dark; hair, dark; eyes, dark; Residence, Hadley, Hampshire County, Massachusetts Enlisted July 25, 1778, by Capt. Benson; enlistment, during war;

Served #7: As a Private, Capt. Joshua Benson's Light Infantry Company., Col. Rufus Putnam's (5th) regt.;
Muster roll for Jan., 1781, dated Garrison West Point.

Text Extract From: Hatcher, Patricia Law. Abstract of Graves of Revolutionary Patriots, Vol. 4, Dallas: Pioneer Heritage Press, 1987.

Places of rest

Eliakim - South West Corner Cemetery, Hadley, MA
Enas - Village Cemetery, Hadley MA
Oliver - Village Cemetery, Hadley MA
Timothy (unknown) There were 5 graves - not sure which one is his

SMITH, Aaron [born February 1761] married BASS, Sylva a daughter of American Revolutionary soldiers and a descendant of John Bass and Ruth Alden. Ruth Alden was the daughter of John Alden who sailed aboard the Mayflower. Sylva died in 1840. She and Aaron are buried in Burlington, Wisconsin. Their children : Moses, Aaron, Lemuel and Emiline were 6th generation Americans.
6th Generation
Moses SMITH married Sylva PERCE and their children were Colly and Jane
Emiline SMITH married a man named HAYS at Battlebar VT. They are buried in Burlington WI. Their daughter married a McLAUGHLIN in Burlington WI.
Lemuel SMITH was born in 1812 , married Melissa Campbell in 1825 and had children: Edwin R. born 1844, Arthur D. born 1846 and Nellie M in 1862.

7th Generation

SMITH, Aaron Jr. married a woman by the name of Lydia Nancy Helmich (Helmick) and together they brought 14 children into the world. Among those remembered are: David, Johnathan, Elizabeth, Maryan and Rosetta. One of the girls married a KENT and another Nathan STOELL.

8th Generation

SMITH, David [son of Aaron the younger] married Mary Elizabeth HARTLEY. They had seven children while living in Burlington, Wisconsin: Hattie, Moses Wesley, William David, Lyda, Oscar John, Charles, Bert Hartley, Hylen Corey, and Roy Dale Smith. They were the 9th American Generation.

9th Generation

Hattie married Henry COREY in Burlington WI and their children were Irma and Donald
William married Sadie WATSON . They had one daughter named Ethel . Ethel 1st married Preston LEWIS of La Grange Oregon and had a daughter Maxine and then she married Arthur BONNYMAG of Wisconsin and had Janice and Arthur Jr.
Lyda married Charles JONES of Burlington Wisconsin. They had one daughter: Della who married Clarence GILKEY of Medical LakeWashington. Della and Clarence's children were Walter, Dorothy, Ive who married Fred KIRCHKOFFER, and an adopted daughter Dolly.
Charles married Jennie FURMAN of Baker Oregon and they had Roy and Henry
Bert married Nellie Agnes ROSS of Winside Nebraska 24 Dec 1909 at Baker Oregon. Their children were Ruth and Loyall.
Hylen Corey Smith married Lulu MILLER and their children were Duncan, Helen, Robert, Margaret, and two others.
Oscar married Josie FRITZ of Akron Iowa. They had Frank, Sylvan, and Elmer who married Charley BESS.
Roy Dale married Carol SHAUN and they had one daughter Kathryn Lee
Moses Wesley Smith was born July 28, 1853. He married Madora MUDGETT on February 17, 18??. They had seven children: Wesley, Wilbur, Arthur, Olive, Bessie, Mary Elizabeth, and Earl Ward Smith. My Great Grandfather is Earl Ward Smith.

10th and 11th Generations in America

Wesley married #1 Carrie THOMPSON #2 Marion (LNU)
Wilbur married Ione SLAUGHTER and they had Roland, Wilber and Robert
Arthur married #1 Vivian SLAUGHTER and had Elviria, Cecil, Ralph, Darrell and #2 Edna ANDERSON and had Francis and Jack
Olive married Frank Peshek after he returned from the Trenches of World War I
Bessie married Fred EARL and had Dorothy Lorraine and Robert William
Mary Elizabeth married Roy WILLIAMS and hey had Elzabeth Jean
Earl Ward married Elsie Wilamena ANDERSON . Earl and Elsie had 6 children

SMITH, Earl Ward was born in the Spring of 1891 in Akron, Iowa. He married Elsie Wilamena Anderson of Richland South Dakota. They were married in Elk Point, Union County, South Dakota. A Transcription of their journey to California will follow - when time allows - For now -

SMITH, Aaron Wisconsin Land Patents can be found here. Type in your zip code, click Wisconsin and type in Aaron Smith, and Racine County. He purchased three tracts of land. You can order a certified copy of the land patent on parchment for $2.00 and theFamily Group Sheet can be found following these links.
A link to the 1850 Racine Census will take you to our SMITH family as well as some associated families.

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