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Smith Family Ancestry

Moses Wesley Smith and Madora Mudgett

Husband's Name Wife's Name
SMITH, Moses Wesley MUDGETT, Madora
Birth Date 28 Jul 1853 22 Aug 1863
Christened Racine, Burlington, Wisconsin Racine, Burlington,Wisconsin
Death Date before 1940 10 Feb 1945 age 81
Burial Data Sacramento CA Sacramento CA
Marriage Date 17 Feb 18?? 17 Feb 18??
Father SMITH, David MUDGETT, David
(Name is French "D" is silent)
Mother HARTLEY, Mary Elizabeth CARPENTER, Abigail "Abbie"


Children-Surname-Given Birth--Date Birth Place


State Death Data Location Married To, Date, Place
M SMITH, Wesley 19 Nov 1880 Union Elk Point SD 23 Aug 1962 Ventura, Port Hueneme CA THOMPSON, Carrie
01 Jul 1880 NJ to 25 Dec 1947 CA age 67y
M SMITH, Wilbur R. 26 Nov 1882 Plymouth County, Akron Iowa 22 Apr 1958 Sacramento CA SLAUGHTER, Ione
M SMITH, Arthur unknown Plymouth County, Akron Iowa unknown unknown #1 SLAUGHTER, Vivian
F SMITH, Bessie 03 Jul 1889 Plymouth County, Akron Iowa 30 Sep 1973 Sacramento CA EARL, Fred born 16 Oct 1895 Union County South Dakota died 28 Jan 1978 Sacramento CA Mother: NIKODYM
M SMITH, Earl Ward 08 May 1891 Plymouth County, Akron Iowa 09 Nov 1969 Sacramento, CA ANDERSON, Elsie Wilamena "Vanona"
F SMITH, Olive Josephine "Olie" 17 Jul 1896 Plymouth County, Akron Iowa 31 Jan 1981 Fresno CA PESHEK, Frank R. WWI Veteran
born 03 Jun 1890 Lesterville South Dakota died 08 May 1984 Fresno CA
F SMITH, Mary Elizabeth 06 Dec 1898 Plymouth County, Akron Iowa 11 Jun 1973 Sonoma CA WILLIAMS, Roy born 21 Oct 1898 Dakotas died 11 Aug 1982 Sonoma CA
F SMITH, Lois 28 Aug 1908 Plymouth County, Akron Iowa 15 Jan 1944 Santa Clara, CA TABOR,

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1880 Brule, Union, Dakota Territory Census
Moses Smith 26 Spouse's Name: Dora Smith Marital Status: Married Spouse's Name: Moses Smith Father's Birthplace: Ohio Mother's Birthplace: Ohio Father's Name: David Smith Father's Birthplace: New York Mother's name: Elizabeth Smith Mother's Birthplace: New York Dora Smith 16 Marital Status: Married Spouse's Name: Moses Smith Father's Birthplace: Ohio Mother's Birthplace: Ohio Elizabeth Smith 64 Marital Status: Widowed Spouse's Name: David Smith Father's Birthplace: Wisconsin Mother's Birthplace: Wisconsin David Smith 43 Oscar Smith 16 Charlie Smith 14 Frederick Smith 10 Frank Smith 8 Daysy Smith 5 1900 Akron, Plymouth, Iowa Census
Moses W Smith 46 Born: Jul 1853 Wisconsin
Marriage Year: 1880 Years Married: 20 Father's Birthplace: Ohio Mother's Birthplace: Pennsylvania
Madora Smith 36 Born: Aug 1863 Wisconsin Father's Birthplace: Ohio Mother's Birthplace: Indiana
Wessley Smith 19 Born: Nov 1880 Iowa
Wilber Smith 17 Born: Nov 1882 Iowa
Arthur Smith 16 Born: Dec 1883 Iowa
Bessie Smith 11 Born: Jul 1888 Iowa
Earl Smith 09 Born: May 1890 Iowa
Olley Smith 03 Born: Jul 1896 Iowa
Mary Smith 01 Born: Dec 1898 Iowa

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