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Indonesian Stories

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Most of the Indonesian traditional stories are related to myth, history and life principles which teach about life fundamentals. This page contains traditional stories in both English and Indonesian. Just click the title to read the full story. Send us an email if you wish to share another story.

  1. Story of Bharatayuda

  2. Story of Mount Bromo - The Tengger Tribes

  3. Gajah Mada - The Greatest Majapahit Minister

  4. Garuda - Bhinneka Tunggal Ika - Story of Indonesian National Emblem

  5. Kanjeng Ratu Kidul ( Dewi Srengenge )

  6. Tipu Muslihat Sang Landak

  7. Story of Mahabharata

  8. Petruk Jadi Ratu

  9. Story of Ramayana

  10. Story of Prambanan Temple - Roro Jonggrang & Bandung Bondowoso

  11. Dewa Ruci

  12. The Serpent & The Turtle ( Balinese Story )

  13. Wejangan Dewa Ruci



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