Masturbation is Killing You.


It is a mortal sin. Mortal sin takes you away from God, away from Eternal Life and puts you in eternal suffering.

If your conscience has been tormented by the thought of eternal hell and you are addicted to masturbation then read on with hope.


The feelings of your conscience are actual graces from God. The first step to Wisdom is fear of the Lord. And now you are fearing Him, His Justice and eternal hell. Good for you. God is giving you a warning. It is up to you to pay attention.

But, you are addicted, just can't stop and don't know what to do - is that right? Well, if you are willing to accept that your stirrings of conscience are from God then accept the following. God did not create you to go to hell. He wants you in Heaven. He will help you. He even became man and died to help you. Now you must act.

The first thing to do:

1. Hope, hope some more, then keep on hoping even when things seem impossible. That is the message of this page and of God. Hope is a theological virtue, it is given by God and you need to pray for it. If there weren't any hope, you wouldn't be reading this and I wouldn't be writing this web page. Go to the Blessed Sacrament at the nearest Roman Catholic Church. Jesus Christ is present there and He will help. Pray to Him from your heart and say "Lord, don't let my soul burn in the fires of Hell. Save me Lord."

The second thing to do:

2. Faith. This is another theological virtue. Have faith that God will save you. Go to confession. Confess this mortal sin as soon as possible after committing this sin. You don't know when God is going to call you to judgment, so go quickly. Confess the sin by name and the number of times you committed it since your last confession.

But it is a habit, so when and if the next occasion occurs, hate the sin, and go right back to confession with the firm amendment to never commit self abuse again. God hasn't abandoned you.

The third thing to do:

3. Charity. Charity is the love of God above all else and the love of others for the love of God. Love God enough to spend some time with Him. First thing in the morning after waking up and going to the bathroom, but before doing anything else, spend some time with God. Go to a quiet place and kneel or if you are physically unable then sit in a straight up position and think of God. Think of the stars you see in the night sky. Think of how big God is - He is Eternal and created all those stars - and how small you are. Then think of how He lets you come into His Presence. Be humble and thank Him.

Next, give up those occasions of sin that tempt your soul to eternal death. Get rid of cable. Give up illicit relationships. Put down those magazines and pick up a book on one of the saints. Better yet, give up the TV and magazines until you have read "Introduction To The Devout Life" by St. Francis de Sales. That little book will be your guide to Heaven.


Let’s review these three easy steps.

  1. Go to the Blessed Sacrament and ask for help.

  2. Go to Confession and sin no more.

  3. Practice daily contemplation, give up occasions of sin, read and practice Introduction To The Devout Life.



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