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The Internet's Biggest Moron Awards - making fun of idiots worldwide.

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Welcome to the Internet's Biggest Moron Awards, where we find the biggest acts of stupidity the world has to offer, all for the sake of your entertainment.
Join in on the Moron Forum. Tell the world what you think of the various species of moron that nature adorns this Earth with.
Listen to the songs that went oh so wrong. You'll be grateful the next time someone grates their nails across a blackboard. Lord knows, it sounds far more pleasant than these MIDI's.
Read a few of my jokes. Discover that there are a few people on the face of this planet who are sicker than you (namely me.)
Partake of the accursed sight of the "mullet". That hairstyle that we all prayed that time forgot. Bad luck, the "cobra cut" is still amongst us.
When you are finished, please sign the guestbook and feel free to e-mail me with any jokes or suggestions for links.
If you have any potty sounds (or worse MIDI's of songs on this site) and you would like to see them posted here, just e-mail them to me.
Disclaimer: All mullets on this page are non-fictional. Resemblances to mullets, living or dead are purely intentional. If one should find that any of the Mullet's MIDI's or WAV's on this page belong to them, thankyou. You have made me laugh. (The first 5 WAV files came from a favorite page of mine that no longer exists, I take no credit for their exquisite, purile production). Anything else that I have to disclaim, consider it done, yadda yadda yadda.