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Central New Jersey, NJ-003

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Welcome to NJ-003

What's the new Chapter logo going to be???

     Welcome to the NJ-003 web site, where we will be discussing important issues and upcoming events. Our current game schedule can be reached through the navigation bar to the left. Enjoy our little corner of the world of darkness.

What's  New

05/08/03 -Began adding 6.0 It's going into effect on June 10th. Read it and learn. I'm going to work on formatting it so it looks better another time.

04/14/03 - Added link to the US ANC-Prestige's site. Get the info straight from the source.

04/07/03 - The new US Camarilla Constitution is uploaded along with the EC Region's transitional plans. It can be found in the information section.

04/01/03 - Added the link to the Camarilla Sanctioned E-Mail Lists. Also added link to the Camarilla IRC FAQ.

03/30/03 - Updated prestige for March, and added the information about how much prestige it takes to get to each MC class. Link here.

CST Corner

Send all in-between game actions to

CC Corner

     Check out the new US Camarilla Constitution, It looks like it's going to have a lot of great things for us.

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