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February, 2001

1/08/01~Created the site~ It took a long time to actually design...whew!

1/13/01~ I joined the RPG Host Top 25 Dragonlance Sites Click here to vote for me!

1/25/01~ There has been a lot happening around here! Well, I added a poll page, awards I bestow, and a Dragonlance Webring page! I have recieved many beautiful awards! Thankyou so much! There are some great new sites in the links page! Go check them out! Also you can vote for me in the Top 25 Fantasy Pages!Click to Vote!

Welcome to her world!

Her Story
        This page is a great introduction to the life of Kitiara. After I show you the main story of her life, I explain in great detail why I chose her, how I feel about her, and what is so special about the Dark Lady. I get down to the nitty gritty about my feelings based on exact examples. Read on, see if you agree.

The Great Poll (NEW)
        The Great Poll is where you, the viewer, tell me what you think about Kit. I get the low down on what you guys think about such an intrueging character.

My Ring
        This is my exclusive Dragonlance ring where webmasters can submit their site and join in the fun! But let me caution you, this ring isnt for the slight of heart. You MUST be a huge Dragonlance fan and have a kick butt site to be in. Sign up and find out.

Fan Art
        One of the best ways to for fans to show off their artistic ability. Im a little short of submissions so send 'em on over my way and get your work on display!

My Awards
        Here you'll find all of the beautiful awards my site has won. If you are a webmaster feel free to e-mail me an award. And let me tell you, I am very proud of my collection. Come take a look.

Awards Bestowed
        Here is where I display awards that webmasters can win for their site. You think you have a good site, then see my awards and see if you are elligable. Remember, I spent a lot of time making these awards and I would just love to hand some out to people who deserve them.

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