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  Her Story

Long long ago, a woman and a knight were blessed with a child. As the young child grew up into a little girl, her evil father left leaving the mother alone until a good man came. Her mother eventually had two twins, but became very ill and could not care for the weaker twin, so Kit nutured and took care of him.

As Kitiara grew older, she began to question why she should remain weak. She began to seek power...she chose the evil path of her father.

Choosing the life of a highlord, she left her childhood love, a half-elf named Tanis, and was soon destroying, killing, and breaking more hearts. She chose to follow the Dark Queen and fight in the War of the Lance. Her seductive qualities charmed many a heart long enough so that she could get what she wanted from any man. Women feared her, people loathed her, but no one could over-power her.

A Death knight followed her, making killing her close to impossible. But when Kit stabbed an Elf named Dalamar she was killed. Her soul was taken by the Death Knight forever.

Now we all are familiar with that story of her life, but my purpose is to get deeper. I want to make you see from her point of view why she did the things she did.

When I first started reading the Dragonlance novels, I always read about her character. By the time her character was featured in "The Dragons of Winter Night" my head was so filled with such an impression of a beautiful bitch who could get anything she wanted. And women, to be perfectly honest, when you see a beautiful woman who can always make such an impression on anyone to manipulate them... what do you call her... a bitch. Ofcourse! You prejudge her, you mold your opinion before you meet her, and that is the first reason why kit is frowned upon so much.To be blunt, we all hate people we are jealous of.

Now for the men...Kitiara...ooohhh...shes hot...powerful...seductive...and did we mention hot! We all remember the steamy scene where kit has taken off her highlord helmet, shes dripping with sweat, and shes smiling right at Tanis who is soooooo into her its funny. She puts her leg up right next to him and pulls off her boot(hey, the stinky feet arent so sexy) and shes slowly doing all of this while keeping direct eye contact with that trembling man. She knows hes been broken and shes got him right where she wants him. Hes got a girl, but that girl isnt there...and Kit is...so hes with Kit. I know only 3% of the men who read about her, hate her. For that 3%, you hate her because you think you're a man's man. You think "boys before bitches" but hey, ya know theres a Kitiara in your life who will break you like a twig so fast your head will spin. And there are the men who appreciate Kit because they do know a woman..just...like...her.

Powerful women scare people for some reason..I can understand Hillary Clinton...but Kit has that edge. Shes like Laura Croft(from Tombraider). Beautiful in every way, except for her heart...or is she really all that bad? Wise men say to follow our hearts, they tell us to be able to love another you must love your self first...isnt that exactly what Kit did. When she put her mind to being powerful, she never said what powerful she wanted to be. She chose to be an evil highlord, hey Raistlin wanted to kill everyone in order to be powerful, so why is Raistlin loved more than Kit? In my books hes not, but thats another story.

So why should I change your mind about Kitiara? Because, (1) There are two sides to every story and (2) Because everyone should not be judged without hearing their voice! I believe she was a bitch, yes, but should we not like her? Have you ever called someone a name, but you still love them? Yes! Just because you get mad at someone doesnít mean you will always be mad(unless you hold grudges). Ok now, here are some examples:

First of all, Kitiara stole Tanisís heart. She had him under her finger and he would do anything for her. What does she do? Leaves him to become an evil highlord and sleep with anyone she can. Oooh! That hurts! Now, why did she do this? Answer=she was young and dumb! Donít act like you donít have skeletons in your closet. Im sure you did some really stupid things when you were younger and regret them now. Kitiara felt like she had to go and experience the world. She wasnít going to achieve power through staying in a small town making babies all her life! She had to see the world and become someone. So leaving Tanis and Solace was her choice.

Now why did Kitiara chose the Dark side? Because she was a sell out. Period end! If the Paladines were winning most of the time, she would have been on the good side, but it just so happened that she didnít want to lose, she had to have that power, and Takhisis was where it was at. Kitiara stayed on the bad side because she trully believed she would win. She thought she would be rewarded and get fame and fortune. I know, I cant stand a sell out either, but thatís what she wasÖso deal.

Kitiara also trusted no one. Maybe this was a result in having been left at such an early age by her father. Who knows, but you cant trust everybody. Example, if you are going try to be strong and all powerful, ofcourse there are going to be people who will try to bring you down. When you get to a highstanding job you have to watch out for people like that. Kit had to be mean and unforgiving, she couldnít look weak and have disabilities.

Kitiara was a slutÖ.and thatís that. I cant defend her for that, except that she just like to try new thingsÖ eh?

When Laurana and Kit faced off after having Kit kill Sturm, this is where you see what a tough opponent she is. Kitiara had killed Sturm, the father of her son and had no regrets. She just flew up to him on Skie and impaled him. Then Laurana tries to threaten her and Kit just laughs. She feels no fear. Poor Laurana doesnít have a chance in hell. Tanis is jello in Kits arms and Laurana has to be a golden general in an army against Kitiara. Now, back to the powerful women concept. I told you before how men are turned off by powerful women, but look whose leading the good armyÖLaurana! But Kit is no good leading an army while Laurana does the same, and who gets the bad wrap? Kit! Favoritism!

Basically, I think people donít like Kitiara is because, as far as I know, there has been no book strictly dedicated to the character. You donít like her because you only read about the small bits in the main books. Hey when I first read the 3 Dragonlance books(Dragons of Autumn Twilight, Dragons of Winter Night, Dragons of Spring Dawning) I absolutely hated Raistlin!!!! Yuck, he made me sooo angry and disgusted, but when I read war of the Twins, ect, (Those other three books) I actually liked him a lot and was upset with his fate. So try to understand her, why she is the way she is, and what she does. Give her a chance.