Rand and Bud enter the inn after gathering everyone.
"Sorry I'm late. I was sleeping." A student from Geo comes out of one of the up-stairs rooms."

"Now that I am feeling better I will tell everyone what happened. A few days ago while Miss Yuka was out Sandra, in disguise as Rachel , asked me to follow her. She said that is was very important so I did. She took me to the western end of the village when she shed her disguise. I was then knocked out. When I awoke I was in some sort of underground chamber where she told me she would spare me if I cried. Of corse I told her no Jumi could but then she told me she was going to capture two more Jumi and If I wouldn't cry that she would take their cores."
"That must be why she chased us to this town."
"Probally. However while she was out I managed to escape and I never made it past thouse busses where you found me. She sent one of her Jewel Beast out to look for me and that is when you rescued me."
"So if you were gone all this time Sandra Must have been in disguise as you! But I wonder why? Has anything like this happened with anyone else?
"Wait a minute. Something like that did happen. When Elazul and I searched for Pearl, I aplogiezed for bothering Pelican twice. She said that he was away for several days and that he just got back."
"That's right. I was in vacation at Polpota Harbor.
"So you never delivered a package you thought felt and sounded like jewels but then forgot where you delivered it?
"That must have been Sandra too. This does not make any sense."
"I was thinking the same thing bro."
"I can't take it anymore. All this confussion is driving me crazy!"
"So where is Sandra?"
"She is in this room and I think I know who she is. She is in disguise as..."

Inspector Boyd
Miss Yuka
Mr. Moti
Mei Mei
Sproutling #1
Sproutling #2
Rev. Nouvelle
The Student