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wc 2002 World Cup



The Procedure and the draw:

Step 1: Placing the seeds
8 nations were to be seeded only: Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Spain
The seeds are to be placed as number 1 team in the groups.
For scheduling purposes, France is seeded in Group A, Korea in Group D, Japan in Group H.
5 other nations will be drawn to their groups in the order of B, C, E, F, and G.
One CONCACAF nation (Argentina or Brazil) will be drawn to Groups B or C, the other to Groups E, F, or G.
The Draw: Spain - Spain goes to B1. Then C1 must be a CONCACAF.
The Draw: Brazil - Brazil goes to C1. No limitations on the other seeds.
The Draw: Germany - Germany goes to E1.
The Draw: Argentina - Argentina goes to F1.
The Draw: Italy - Italy goes to G1.

Step 2: Placing Pot 2 - UEFA Nations:
8 of 11 UEFA Nations will be drawn to groups A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H in this order.
The other three nations will be drawn into the groups with one UEFA Nation.
The nations will also draw a number to place them within the group they are going into.
The Draw: Denmark + 4 - Denmark joins France as A4.
The Draw: Slovenia + 2 - Slovenia joins Spain as B2.
The Draw: Turkey + 2 - Turkey joins Brazil as C2.
The Draw: Portugal + 4 - Portugal joins Korea as D4.
The Draw: Ireland + 3 - Ireland joins Germany as E3.
The Draw: Sweden + 4 - Sweden joins Argentina as F4.
The Draw: Croatia + 3 - Croatia joins Italy as G3.
The Draw: Russia + 3 - Russia joins Japan as H3.

The remaining UEFA Nations: Belgium, England, Poland
The groups they can go: C with Brazil and Turkey, D with Korea and Portugal, F with Argentina and Sweden, H with Japan and Russia.
The Draw for Belgium: H + 2 - Belgium joins Japan and Russia as H2.
The Draw for England: F + 3 - England joins Argentina and Sweden as F3.
The Draw for Poland: D + 2 - Poland joins Korea and Portugal as D2.

Step 3: Placing Pot 3 - The rest of CONMEBOL and AFC
Three remaining CONMEBOL and two remaining AFC nations are to be placed next into Groups A, B, C, E, and G. 1 AFC and 2 CONMEBOL go to A, B, and C - 1 AFC and 1 CONMEBOL go to E and G.
China PR was given special permission to play in Korea, before the draw. They go to A, B, or C. Saudi Arabia will go to E or G.
The Placement: Since two CONMEBOL Nations can not go to Group C, China PR goes to Group C. The number drawn is 3. China PR joins Brazil and Turkey as C3.
The Draw for Saudi Arabia: E + 2 - Saudi Arabia joins Germany and Ireland as E2.
The Draw: Uruguay + 3 - Uruguay joins France and Denmark as A3.
The Draw: Paraguay + 3 - Paraguay joins Spain and Slovenia as B3.
The Placement: Ecuador has to go to G. The number drawn is 2. They join Italy and Croatia as G2

Step 4: Placing Pot 4 - CAF and CONCACAF
CONCACAF nations have to split as 1 and 2 for the groups A to D and E to H.
The Draw: Senegal - goes to the empty spot at A.
The Draw: South Africa - goes to the empty spot at B.
The Draw: Costa Rica - goes to the empty spot at C.
The Draw: USA - goes to the empty spot at D.
The Draw: Cameroon - goes to the empty spot at E.
The Draw: Nigeria - goes to the empty spot at F.
The Draw: Mexico - goes to the empty spot at G.
The Placement: Tunisia - goes to the empty spot at H.

Group A - France, Senegal, Uruguay, Denmark
Group B - Spain, Slovenia, Paraguay, South Africa
Group C - Brazil, Turkey, China PR, Costa Rica
Group D - Korea, Poland, USA, Portugal
Group E - Germany, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Cameroon
Group F - Argentina, Nigeria, England, Sweden
Group G - Italy, Ecuador, Croatia, Mexico
Group H - Japan, Belgium, Russia, Tunisia

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