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NB 2002-2003 1.Süper Lig

Week 28 - Analysis by Serbülent Şengün

from Kocaelispor-Gaziantepspor game

28 down 6 more to go. The top 3 compete fiercely for the final prize, where as down at the bottom, Kocaelispor is killing their hopes as weeks pass by, and look like the most likely to be relegated. But nothing is certain yet, and it looks like nothing will be certain till the last week of the season.

Two previously postponed games were played on Wednesday on which leaders Beşiktaş surprisingly lost to Diyarbakırspor 2-0 and their unbeaten record was finally sent down the drain. The other game was between Denizlispor who had been struggling past weeks and Fenerbahçe who have been struggling almost all season long. The clash between the strugglers ended one a piece, both point wise and score wise.

At the 9 games played at the weekend, 6 games were won by the home sides, and field advantage is likely to show its effects in the coming weeks, 2 were won by the visiting team, and there was one draw. Home sides scored 15 of the 22 goals scored this week, while visitors managed 7.

Games :

Göztepe (17) - Galatasaray (2): Last week I mentioned the rising form of Galatasaray as the season was coming to an end, and it is vital that any title contender be at its best towards the end, however this week Galatasaray once again returned to their sloppy football. During the first half they had some moments, and wasted their chances way too generously. The second half the game was rather locked, the visitors missed a penalty shot, the home side missed their biggest chance to score, and then finally, Galatasaray got their goal towards the 70th minute. Göztepe tried to fight back but could not manage it. In the end the visitors stole the three points necessary for their title run. (0–1)

Remaining games:
* - Adanaspor: Seemingly their easiest game, yet increasing form of Adanaspor might trouble them.
* - Trabzonspor (A): I’ve argued this for months, Trabzonspor plays one of the best football in the league, personally topping both Galatasaray and Beşiktaş, if they can keep their composure after the cup final, Trabzonspor is most likely to grab at least one point.
* - Gençlerbirliği: Probably going to be a great game, once again Galatasaray is bound to have a rough time, a draw might not help either team, so both are going to go for it.
* - Ankaragücü: Rather easier fixture, Ankaragücü has no fear of relegation, and don’t have that much to go towards the top, mental strength is singularly enough for Galatasaray to go through this.
* - Beşiktaş (A): Might even be the season final. Nothing to say.
* - Gaziantepspor: Last games very seldom determine things in the Turkish league, and if Galatasaray will still be in the spot for the title, they will most probably overcome this obstacle. Last week miracles have never happened for as long as I can remember.
* - Trabzonspor (A): More rough times await Göztepe, a single point would help them a lot.
* - Ankaragücü: If they are to avoid relegation, a must win game on home ground.
* - Gaziantepspor (A): Gaziantepspor’s form is getting better towards the end of the season, another rough game
* - Denizlispor: Another must win situation, actually, they can’t live with a loss at home, slow Göztepe forwards are most likely to have problems against the Denizlispor defence.
* - Malatyaspor (A): Things will really depend on whether Göztepe manages to stay alive till this week, Malatyaspor on home ground is pretty tough to beat anyways.
* - Fenerbahçe: Same thing as above, conjecture will determine the status of the game.

İstanbulspor (11) – Ankaragücü (8) : İstanbulspor players seemed pretty aware of the situation that this was a must win situation, and acted in accordingly, Ankaragücü, puts its best every game, and did nothing different here. As usual İstanbulspor has serious finishing problems, and Ankaragücü goalkeeper Zafer made some fine saves to keep the game close. The most vivid thing about İstanbulspor is their teamwork, and this was most obvious in the goal they scored, which came after a great network of passes. (1-0)

Remaining games:
* - Gaziantepspor (A): Going to be an interesting game, with solid defence a draw is pretty likely for İstanbulspor, as Gaziantepspor is great on the counterattack and set pieces organisations, both which İstanbulspor is pretty good in defending.
* - Denizlispor: Two solid defending teams, personally another possible draw, which would help both teams’ causes.
* - Malatyaspor (A): Probably going to be a fun game to watch, probably going to be up tempo
* - Fenerbahçe: Considering the way both teams play lately, yet another draw is most likely for them.
* - Elazığspor (A): If they secure themselves mathematically until this game, this would be a rather formality. Elazığspor will consider this more important.
* - Altay: Same rule applies here.
* - Diyarbakırspor: They always play solid on home ground, and with the loss of this week, they will probably step up to make ammends.
* - Göztepe (A): It all depends on how focused Göztepe will be,
* - Trabzonspor: Personally I think it will be a great game, lots of goals and action, and no one would seriously care about the result.
* - Galatasaray (A): Roughest game on their schedule, the game they are most likely to loose.
* - Gaziantepspor (A): Probably another fun game to watch. No serious concerns but to please fans.
* - Denizlispor: They would want to finish the season on a high note, and are most likely to do so.

Gençlerbirliği (3) – Elazığspor (16) : The new Elazığspor coach Mitroviç faced a tough task in his first game. As usual Gençlerbirliği dominated the field, whereas Elazığspor looked for fine counter attacks. Elazığspor goalie Orkun made some fine saves to some of his teammates ridiculous own-goal shots but then flunked one of the worst of the season. Overall, a clear victory for the home side. (2-0)

Remaining games:
* - Altay (A): I seriously doubt Altay can stand against them.
* - Adanaspor: Same here, probably going to be a rather easy game for them.
* - Galatasaray (A): This is where they will have to prove that they deserve the title, anything possible. Beşiktaş And if they manage to prove it on the previous week, they will have to do it one more time in front of their fans.
* - Samsunspor: If they manage to survive the previous two this will almost definitely be a piece of cake.
* - Bursaspor (A): Bursaspor’s place in the standing will determine the intensity of this game, might be the most important game of the final week.
* - Beşiktaş: A really rough game, their form is up and down, and Beşiktaş has the momentum on their side. Hard, really hard.
* - Samsunspor (A): Samsunspor is getting better on home ground, and they will want to win this real bad, to secure their position against relegation. Another tough game for Elazığspor.
* - Bursaspor: One of the most important games for them. They have to win it, but are they up to the challenge. We’ll see.
* - Kocaelispor (A): If Kocaelispor looses all their hopes till this week, this might be the game to keep Elazığspor hopes alive.
* - İstanbulspor: Another must win game, going be rough to get past the İstanbulspor zone defence.
* - Diyarbakırspor (A): Might be the game which they bid farewell or cling on. Overall things look rough for Elazığspor

Samsunspor (11) - Malatyaspor (7) : Everything happened in the first 15 minutes, two early goals, one for each, and the rest rather a deadlock. Interesting thing is that Samsunspor played an offensive football for the first time in weeks, but this time they could not manage a winner. They will have keep on playing this football in the coming weeks. Malatyaspor is still a solid candidate for the UEFA cup. (1–1)

Remaining games:
* - Fenerbahçe (A): After weeks of frustration Fenerbahçe will be looking for a win and this might be a serious obstacle for Samsunspor, however a de-motivated Fenerbahçe might be manageable for them.
* - Elazığspor: They will force to win it and secure their position in the league. Likely win.
* - Altay (A): With solid counterattacks against Altay’s desperation, it is possible for them to steal away three points.
* - Adanaspor: Another game for Samsunspor in which a win would seal their position, they are most sure to go for it.
* - Gençlerbirliği (A): Probably going to be to much for them to overcome.
* - Beşiktaş: On the final game of the season if Beşiktaş will need a win to secure championship, the visitors would probably get it.
* - Bursaspor: Bursaspor needs the points desperately and they will probably play a defensive ball game. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a draw.
* - Kocaelispor (A): They probably will find a way to win this, unless things change drastically for Kocaelispor.
* - İstanbulspor: Most likely to be a fun game to watch, and that’s about it.
* - Diyarbakırspor (A): Same here, lots of shots and cards is what I would expect.
* - Göztepe: Might be the sudden death game for Göztepe, so everything will depend on the schedule.
* - Trabzonspor (A): Both teams would want to end the season on a high note. Anything is possible.

Diyarbakırspor (9) – Trabzonspor (4): After beating Beşiktaş during the week Diyarbakırspor managed another great victory for themselves, re assuring their status in the league. It was a good game as both teams found good chances, but it was the home side who deserved it more and got what they were looking for. Trabzonspor had a cup final to think about, and it was clear, as they did not put half the football they played the previous weeks. (2-0)

Remaining games:
* - Ankaragücü (A): Two teams with good form, yet Ankaragücü is always good on home field. Going to be rough.
* - Gaziantepspor: It will be fun to watch, they would want to win this one to continue their home field victory series.
* - Denizlispor (A): Another hard game and probably going to be another intense game to watch.
* - Malatyaspor: It might be a blessing for the Diyarbakırspor fans, as their second home game is also against a team who has no fear of relegation, thus a good game can be expected.
* - Fenerbahçe (A): It all depends on how Fenerbahçe will turn out in the coming few weeks. Rough one anyway, as Fenerbahçe would want to get back at the 3-0 loss in the first half of the season.
* - Elazığspor: Probably going to be more important for Elazığspor. Everything depends on how things turn out the final weeks.
* - Göztepe: Depends on how the cup game will effect them. They are clear favorites, but sometimes, a cup final might have adverse effects on the next game.
* - Galatasaray: They would want to win it, as it is a game of prestige, and they have already drawn against both Fenerbahçe and Beşiktaş at home despite playing better. Still, Galatasaray is in the title race, and they themselves need to find a way out of this one.
* - Ankaragücü (A): All I know is that this game will be great to watch.
* - Gaziantepspor: Another possible fun game to watch, solid offenders versus the best counter attackers.
* - Denizlispor (A): It is a fact that Denizlispor plays much better against better teams, and in case Denizlispor will not have secured their position, this one might be the hardest one for them.
* - Malatyaspor: For the third time, it will be a fun game to watch.

Adanaspor (14) – Altay (13) : Adanaspor had no choice but to win this one, and they did. However the scoreboard does reflect the game at all. While the score was 2-1 for the home side, Altay missed some incredible chances and while they were pushing for the equaliser faced some deadly counterattacks, and the results were deadly indeed. Home side’s young striker Necati missed a penalty kick, yet still managed a hat-trick. Interesting note; the top two goalscorers of the league are from the 14th and 15th spot teams. Necati currently has scored 47% of the total goals scored by his team. (5-2)

Remaining games:
* - Galatasaray (A): Task simply too hard for them, yet they will look for a surprise with their counter attacks.
* - Gençlerbirliği (A): Same thing applies here, if they manage a single point in these two games, that should be considered a success.
* - Beşiktaş: And if those two are not enough, then this will make things even harder. Really rough schedule. Three consecutive title contenders in three weeks, and two of them away from home.
* - Samsunspor (A): If they manage to stay alive till this point, they will have to find a way to win this one. Otherwise it might be au revoir for them.
* - Bursaspor: After all those weeks, this one is a must for them.
* - Kocaelispor (A): The character of this game, will be determined in the weeks to come, theoretically however, they might win this one.
* - Gençlerbirliği: I don’t think they can manage Gençlerbirliği, a single point would be great for them.
* - Beşiktaş (A): Same thing applies here, and actually it is even worse.
* - Samsunspor: After three weeks of hard work, they will want to secure this one. Going to be rough however.
* - Bursaspor (A): Probably going to be a highly intense and fierce struggle. Anything is possible.
* - Kocaelispor: A manageable game for them as long as their finishing is accurate.
* - İstanbulspor (A): everything depends on how they go through the 5 weeks, might just be another final atmosphere game for them.

Bursaspor (15) – Denizlispor (12): At last Bursaspor is out of the relegation zone, but of course they are in no way any secure. Bursaspor were mentally ready for the game and they got what they stepped up for. Two early goals made it really easy for them and then the referee made it just easier as he sent off Denizlispor’s Mustafa Özkan with the stupidest red card that I have seen this season. Okan Yılmaz should also be mentioned here, the leading goal scorer of the league has managed his 17th so far, and that is precisely 57% of the total goals scored by his team. Somebody else has to score if they want to stay in the Super League. (2-0)

Remaining games:
* - Malatyaspor (A): They have be strong and get at least a point out of this one. Mentally they are up to it, whether they are tactically we’ll see.
* - Fenerbahçe: Another game in which they will have to win, and besides they had a 7-1 loss in the first half of the season in which they will want to avenge.
* - Elazığspor (A): This game is probably going to be a very up tempo, highly intense and vital for both teams, anything is possible.
* - Altay: Second game in a row against a team in a risky position, a must win for them.
* - Adanaspor (A): Considering Adanaspor’s schedule, this one will probably be more inclined towards Adanaspor, and especially if Bursaspor manages around 7-9 points in the previous 4 games.
* - Gençlerbirliği: They will have to secure their status by this game, if Gençlerbirliği will be in a spot with a title chance, they won’t let this one out. So the game previous to this one are more important.

Kocaelispor (18) – Gaziantepspor (6) : As usual Gaziantepspor was deadly on the counter attacks, and Kocaelispor was sloppy on the on the offensive end. The home side had some chances to equalise when the game was only 1-0, but after the second goal, they lost their faith totally. Even by seeing the players’ faces at the end of the game, pretty much summarises that it is all over for them. (0-3)

Remaining games:
* - Denizlispor (A): With the crushed mental level that they are at, they don’t have a lot against Denizlispor who has lost their untouchable status from the relegation zone.
* - Malatyaspor: If there should be any hope, this is where it can start to build up.
* - Fenerbahçe (A): It seems to me that this game will be much like a friendly, I seriously doubt Kocaelispor’s any chance of revival. Everybody waited for it for too long.
* - Elazıspor: Probably going to be more important for Elazığspor.
* - Altay (A): Same here, and even harder.
* - Adanaspor: I would expect it to be the farewell game of them.
* - İstanbulspor: Probably going to be good, up-tempo game, and as both teams will play the counter attack, any scorer of the first goal might go for a big lead.
* - Diyarbakırspor (A): It is going to be hard for them considering Diyarbakırspor’s form, yet they are a great counter attack team, and they would want a piece of the UEFA Cup.
* - Göztepe: Will they have no pity against Göztepe, or will Göztepe manage to survive. Win, still most likely.
* - Trabzonspor (A): Most likely to be an entertaining game, with both teams only having no serious worries.
* - Ankaragücü: Same applies here. Final game on home ground. They would want to win it.
Galatasaray (A): If the title race continues till here, it is probably going to be all Galatasaray.

Beşiktaş (1) - Fenerbahçe (5): After loosing the Diyarbakırspor game the leaders knew they could not even afford a draw, and so they did. Throughout the game Fenerbahçe could not match Beşiktaş’s quality, though they had good chances to equalise when the score was 1-0. Interesting note, Beşiktaş’s Pascal Nouma who scored the opener in the 7th minute of the game, was dismissed by the club 2 days later for the physical remark he made after the goal he scored. Fenerbahçe on the other hand is trying to give their youngsters some experience as there is nothing left for them to fight for. (2-0)

Remaining games:
* - Elazığspor (A): As desperate as Elazığspor is for a point, Beşiktaş does not have the luxury to loose anything here, and I’d be very surprised if they did.
* - Altay: Should be easy for them.
* - Adanaspor (A): Again, an away game, but no luxuries of loosing points, yet the form of Adanspor could be considered.
* - Gençlerbirliği (A): Anything can happen. Possibly a great game to be.
* - Galatasaray: Might be the season final (for the second time), and of course anything can happen.
* - Samsunspor (A): If they stay alive till here, I have no doubts that they will win it.
* - Samsunspor: They would want to win this real bad, and they owe it to their fans, yet their form is so sloppy, and pretty much more than half of the squad is sent away or injured.
* - Bursaspor: A game more important to the Bursa side, might be fun to watch.
* - Kocaelispor: Most likely to be a formality game, probably will win this one.
* - İstanbulspor (A): Another less-important game, no body would probably care about the outcome, so what is there to do but play.
* - Diyarbakırspor: Fenerbahçe always plays solid on their final game on home ground. As long as Diyarbakırspor does not stumble heavily and risk their position, this game is probably likely to yield some good football.
* - Göztepe (A): If Göztepe will still be in a position to avoid relegation and if it will depend on this game, I believe Göztepe will find a way to get the necessary points out of this one.

Goals of the week :

Finally a week where there was no lack of beautiful goals.
1. Okan (Bursaspor) : The thing I loved about this goal is the way he stopped suddenly to a running ball, and his defender could not, leaving him a clear sight of the goal. Then he placed it perfectly. Deserves more credit than what he gets.
2. Sergen (Beşiktaş) : Although the ball came to him more because of the sloppiness of Fenerbahçe defending, his one touch looper was elegant, leaving Rüştü helpless.

Team of the week : Diyarbakırspor K

Two victories in 4 days against an unbeaten Beşiktaş and a mighty Trabzonspor. Just before the start of the second half, people thought that this team was one of the closest to relegation with all the turmoils in the club. Yet now they hold the 9th spot, and play football with lots of heart.

Player of the week : Necati Ateş (Adanaspor)

A hat-trick, a missed penalty, and lots of energy on the field. A possible starter in the national squad in the years to come, the young striker is getting better, and can only get even better. I believe a total of 16 goals by a youngster, in a team trying to fight relegation is something everybody should respect.

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