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NB 2002-2003 1.Süper Lig

Week 21 - Analysis by Serbülent Şengün

"Snowy Weather" from İstanbulspor - Samsunspor game

The league schedules have turned out to a big question mark after this week as four games were postponed. Two of these were due to the UEFA cup games of Denizlispor and Beşiktaş, the other two were due to strong snowing around the country, leaving the week with only 5 games played, a total of 11 goals scored (some of which were due mostly to ground conditions), and not the best of football. The home sides won three of the five games, one game ended goalless, and one game won by the visiting side. Overall not much football to talk about.

Games :

Göztepe (13) – Gençlerbirliği (3): Göztepe desperately needing any points from the season’s most spectacular team, played excessively deep defence to stop any devastation possible, and they succeeded. Gençlerbirliği looked better than the last two weeks, but this time they could not manage to score. Göztepe’s goalkeeper Bora made some important saves in the critical moments of the game, and the game ended the way it started, ending Gençlerbirliği’s winning streak as they fell a step to the third position in the standings. (0 – 0)

Trabzonspor (5) – Adanaspor (17) : Trabzonspor and Adanaspor game was probably the only game really worth watching this week. Trabzonspor played their attacking style football, created numerous chances to win their three points. Adanaspor’s new coach Yılmaz Vural did not really have an impact on the game. They could hold on to the goal-less score in the first half, however Trabzonspor got some rewards in the second half as they got two goals in 3 minutes, one being from a penalty kick. They then extended their lead to three as man of the night Fatih finally scored after assisting two. Adanaspor’s late goal in the final minute of the game was no more than a consolation, and the way Trabzonspor’s bright goalkeeper Petkoviç, who has had a great season so far, fumbled the 25 metre easy shot into the goal was definitely a thumbs down for him. (3-1)

İstanbulspor (15) – Samsunspor (11) : There was too much snow to talk about football on one of the two games played in İstanbul over the weekend under heavy snow, nevertheless the game quality was in no terms low. Both teams desperately needing the points started out a controlled game plan, İstanbulspor was more concentrated in the attacking zone whereas Samsunspor as usual looked for the counterattacks. However the only goal of the game came through in a very different fashion, through a beautiful freekick goal by the visitors. From then on, everything looked possible in the game, the visitors missed a serious amount of goal chances, whereas the home side missed more, mostly due to the great work done by the goalkeeper of Samsunspor Fevzi. After all was done the visitors had managed to steal the three points. (0-1)

Ankaragücü (8) – Altay (12) : Ankaragücü did not start the second half pretty well, they had not managed a three pointer in 4 games, and this was the game to turn the tables around. Altay on the other hand were having their ups and their downs. The game started of with attacks from both teams with Altay looking like they could be the scorers, however the home team managed to score first. After the first goal it looked like Ankaragücü got a piece of their confidence back as their football started getting better. They scored two more in the second half to seal things off in a decisive manner. Altay’s coach Ümit Turmuş quit his job after this game, which personally was a sad moment for me. Although the team was financially broke, and his squad consisted of relatively young and inexperienced players he had managed to create a team that was always trying to play positive football. His type of football mentality is what we need more in this league. Where the team will go from here, we’ll wait and see. (3 – 0)

Galatasaray (2) – Malatyaspor (7): It would have been better if the two teams played snowball instead of football. After the postponement and the media outcry two weeks ago, this time the Galatasaray management did everything for the game to be played. Malatyaspor on the other hand travelled an intensive 22 hour road trip for the game. Despite all the negative factors, all players on the pitch tried everything they can to “play” football. Three goals were scored, none really making that much sense, and Galatasaray grabbed a victory to move forward to the second place spot. The only thing that can be said about the game is that there was a lot of goodwill and sportsmanship in the two teams’ players and it needs to appreciated. Other than that, I still think a snowball game would have been better, or a skiing contest perhaps. (2-1)

Kocaelispor (18) - Bursaspor (16) : Postponed

Gaziantepspor (6) - Elazığspor (14) : Postponed

Diyarbakırspor (10) - Beşiktaş (1): Postponed

Denizli (9) - Fenerbahçe (4): Postponed

Goals of the week :

1. Milton (Samsunspor): A beautiful freekick goal from around 25 meters. Kicked with the right foot over the wall to the left of the goalkeeper. Everybody including the goalkeeper watched the ball curl in with amaze. Not suprisingly the only beautiful goal of the week, as from the remaining 10, 4 were due to ground conditions or goaltending mistakes, and from the remaining 6 there was nothing interesting.

Team of the week : Trabzonspor K

Played intensely and effectively. Their run for the top four continues. Relatively young, but they keep on playing like they have played together for a long time. If the management can keep this band together, they might be up for real big successes in the coming years.

Player of the week : Fevzi (Samsunspor)

His first seasons with Beşiktaş was very impressive considering he was only a teenager, but he could never fulfil his potential. With his transfer to Samsunspor he is constantly getting better. This week his goalkeeping was phenomenal, as he let his team cling on to a 1-0 victory over İstanbulspor.

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