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NB 2002-2003 1.Süper Lig

Week 19 - Analysis by Serbülent Şengün

"Stop, doesn't matter how" from Bursaspor - Samsunspor game

Better late than never as the excitement started off after a long winter break. One week before the regular fixtures 5 games that were previously postponed were played. UEFA Cup contenders Denizli won both of their previously postponed game getting closer to another UEFA spot for the next season. Elazığspor and Göztepe tied, Malatyaspor beat Ankaragücü and in the most expected game of the postponed games, leaders Beşiktaş beat Fenerbahçe.

19th matchday of the league was supposed to start with Galatasaray hosting Denizli, but due to heavy snow, (and perhaps more than the snow the lack of intent of the Galatasaray officials in cleaning the pitch) the game was postponed. In the 8 games that were played a total of 21 goals were scored, of which 9 were scored by the home sides and 12 were scored by the visitors. 3 games were won by the home sides, 3 were won by the visitors (actually 2 as the game between Göztepe and Altay was an İzmir derby, and there was no home court advantage) and two games were tied.

Games :

Galatasaray - Denizli: Postponed

Bursaspor - Samsunspor : Bursaspor is a team playing well below their capacity for a long period of time. The same might have been said to Samsunspor as they were close to the bottom of the league despite having capable squads. The game between these two teams did not yield the best of football as the pitch was heavily soaked with snow, however Bursaspor seemed the better team and they got the 3 points they desperately were looking for. Newly transfered Mustafa Şahintürk looked like he would be an important force for Bursaspor in the coming weeks, whereas former Fenerbahçe sub-striker Oktay scored his first goal in a long time, giving Samsunspor fans something to hope for in the near future. (2-1)

Gaziantepspor - Malatyaspor : It was expected that the game would be interesting, and so it was. Malatyaspor left too much space on the background and as it was in the first part of the season, Gaziantepspor loves wide space. The game continued as a deadlock till early second half when the home side finally managed to break the lock through a penalty. Then they scored two in just two minutes. Overall the football of youngsters İbrahim Toraman and Erdal was impressive as the home side managed a remarkable 3 goal victory against their main rivals for a secure UEFA spot. (3-0)

Göztepe - Altay : The İzmir derby as always is, was a game of high tension. With both teams trying to avoid relegation, points were up for the grabs. Although throughout the game Göztepe looked like they were the team that was going to manage the victory, but it did not happen. Altay made only a few but productive attacks. With aesthetic goals from İbrahim and İnanç the black and whites of the Aegean peninsula got their 3 points. Göztepe on the other hand showed good signs of recovery, and their football gave their fans a reason to be hopeful for the future. (0-2)

Kocaelispor - Beşiktaş : The unbeaten leaders of the league against the bottom spot holders, obviously the leaders had the edge before the game, and the game led to no surprises. Beşiktaş did not seem all that good in the first half albeit scoring an early goal. The very decisive moment of the game came when Kocaelispor captain Nuri missed a penalty at the last minute of the first half. The home side stepped up to the second half mentally drained, or so it seemed. With the superb ball technique and magic of Sergen, who came in at the 62nd minute, Beşiktaş found 4 more goals and won their first victory of the season in which they scored more than 3 goals. (0-5)

Diyarbakırspor - Adanaspor: Diyarbakırspor had a good run toward the end of the first half of the season as they slowly tried to escape the relegation spots, and with the first game of the season they started off from where they left. Due to managerial crisis in the club, the team did not have the chance of practicing together throughout the mid season break and in that sense what they did on the field was remarkable. With especially great football by Evren, Diyarbakırspor managed to win the game they controlled from start to finish. On the other hand Adanaspor gave signals that they are going to have a hard time in the second half. (2-0)

İstanbulspor - Gençlerbirliği : Gençlerbirliği obviously is going to try for the championship till the last week, and this game was a good proof of the team they were becoming, as for the first time this season Gençlerbirliği won despite not playing good, and if you are going to challenge the top spot you just have to win in times when you are not playing well. After one goal from each side in the first 15 minutes, İstanbulspor looked like they were up to the challenge throughout the game however one terrible defensive mistake led the visitors grab the lead for the second time, and from then on İstanbulspor could not manage to tie the score again, and Gençlerbirliği unsurprisingly scored another to seal their victory. (1-3)

Trabzonspor - Elazığspor: Trabzonspor looked very in form during mid season games, but obviously Elazığspor trained with no less concentration. In the game that the home side was a definite favorite the visitors managed to steal a point with some effective counter attacking football. The home side controlled the ball for most of the game yet the visitors had great counter attack opportunities. Elazığspor is slowly establishing this character of football as the season continues, and I would not be surprised if they break more hearts in the coming weeks. (1-1)

Ankaragücü - Fenerbahçe: The home side had lost two postponement games before this game and were desperately looking for a point. Fenerbahçe on the other hand loosing against Beşiktaş was already 9 points behind the leader, and the loss of points would have been disastrous; and so it happened. In the week’s most boring game neither team created the necessary chances to score and were left with one point each. Now being 11 points behind Beşiktaş, Fenerbahçe’s shot at the title has become even more difficult than ever, if not none. (0-0)

Goals of the week :

1. Evren (Diyarbakırspor) : A beautiful volley on the edge of the penalty box, thunderously hit the net giving his team the lead. Not only classy but also highly important in nature.
2. İbrahim (Altay) : One of the youngest players of the league, the youngster hit a beautiful left foot shot to leave the Göztepe goalkeeper helpless. The self confidence this youngster has is very impressive.

Team of the week : Diyarbakırspor K

While all teams of the league were having mid season camps, the players of Diyarbakırspor were all scattered around the country doing personal training in their home towns. They could only regroup one day before the match and after they did, they stepped up on the field with honor and pride. A clear and decisive victory made everything they put up with worthwhile.

Player of the week : Sergen (Beşiktaş)

The magical lefty. Played only 30 minutes, and maybe did not play his fittest game. But even in a limited time and limited physical strength he showed everybody what his quality is. Always a pleasure to watch when he is on his day, or should I say, when he wants to play.

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