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NB 2002-2003 1.Süper Lig

Week 14 - Analysis by Serbülent Şengün

The Joy of Winning at the Last Minute - from Göztepe - Gaziantepspor game

The week started off with international friendlies against Italy on the U-21 and National Squad levels. While the U-21 squad trashed the Italian U-21 with a 3-0, the national squad game was tied with one a piece. Both teams kept up the national morale and hopes for future alive.

The regular league fixtures started on Saturday. In the 9 games that were played 21 goals were scored, interestingly out of the 21, 3 were own goals. Two games were won by visitors, three games were tied while home sides managed to win four of the games. Home sides managed to score 13 goals and the visitors netted 8. With Galatasaray loosing in Ankara, Beşiktaş claimed the first spot with still a game against Fenerbahçe to play.

Games :

Beşiktaş – Adanaspor: The football by Beşiktaş in the first half was superb. Scoring two and missing around 7 more, Beşiktaş was in total control. Probably due to thinking the game against Dinamo on Thursday, they lowered the tempo in the second half, scoring a late goal through substitute Eser, the youngster who played his first official game with the club. But the football in the first half was definetly supreme. Adanaspor for the second week in a row suffered severe defense problems. It looks like it is going to be some time before they get back on their feet. (3-0)

Kocaelispor – Fenerbahçe : Kocaelispor fought as hard as they could, as they are trying to force themselves out of the last position in the league, but after all was done it was the visitors who walked away with three points. Kocaelispor’s football was well fought in the midfield but incapable of creating good chances in the offense. Fenerbahce on the other hand was just the opposite, they did not play well at all, but they created all the good chances on the offensive line. In the end Fenerbahçe’s run for the top spot continues, whereas Kocaelispor is already looking up to next week (1-2)

Trabzonspor - Ankaragücü : Trabzonspor at home is really beginning to be a pleasure to watch. As the confidences of the youngsters grow, so does their football. They created some good football for almost all the game with superb play in the midfield by Erman and Aurelio. The visitors could barely do something towards the end of the game. I keep on saying the same thing, but they have to improve on their mental approach to the games. (3-0)

Göztepe - Gaziantepspor : Finally the unbeaten run of Gaziantepspor came to an end as the home side scored a last minute goal to win on home ground. Just like two weeks ago the game was played on a very bad pitch. Göztepe played the better ball as they looked like they were better concentrated, with especially drives on the left wing by Mkhalele. Gaziantepspor’s successful counter attack football did not make its way this time. All hopes are alive in İzmir, whereas the visitors did not loose much as they are only 2 points below the top spot. (2-1)

İstanbulspor - Malatyaspor : İstanbulspor needed the win urgently as they have not gained all 3 points since 8th week. Malatyaspors football quality on the other hand was dropping in the previous couple of weeks. The game yielded some fierce struggling especially by the home side, nevertheless neither team managed to score. (0-0)

Samsunspor - Altay: One of the most interesting games of the week. As previously mentioned Samsunspor is in a slump and somehow they cannot find a way out of it. Their fourth consecutive loss came on home ground as the boys of Altay, who have started struggling for avoiding relegation, showed the home side what good counter attacks were made of. In a sense, the visitors hit the home side with their own weapon. Good deal of excitement and half a dozen goals, most probably the best game of the week. (2-4)

Bursaspor – Elazığspor : Bursaspor has a squad with such a potential yet nothing seems to happen in place for them. This week was no different, all through the game Bursaspor had the possession, created the chances but was unable to score winners, the visiting team however was rare but effective on the attacking zone. In the end with two great goals, two teams shared the points. The result got Bursaspor’s coach Biyedic fired as his team could not meet expectations. Another incident in the game that should be mentioned is that two Elazığspor players were hospitalized due to injuries on the field. (1-1)

Diyarbakırspor – Denizli: The second game of the week that ended with a goalless draw. Diyarbakırspors goal scoring incapability is no secret, well this week Denizlispor caught their rhythm. Although the visitors played much better and were the ones that wasted the chances, Diyarbakırspor as usual had their own to miss. In the end Denizli defense looked good enough for the UEFA Cup job against O.Lyon on Thursday, whereas their offensive looked a little sloppy. Hopefully that will get better as Mustafa Özkan who did not play this weekend will play in the cup game. (0-0)

Gençlerbirliği – Galatasaray: The league leaders against the 5th position rankers yielded a game of intense struggle. The home side dominated almost all throughout the game, within exceptions of limited scale. However, especially when the chronical midfield – defense deficiency of Galatasaray surfaced itself, the home side players wasted their chances generously. U-21 Starlets Okan Koç and Serkan Balcı’s superb play was absolutely pleasureful along with the smart ball movement of Ahmet Hassan and defensive capabilities of el-Saka, Gençlerbirliği looked at its best. In the end the team that deserved to win, won it all and Galatasaray was dethroned. (1-0)

Goals of the week :

1. Erman (Trabzonspor) : 25 metres strike from the Trabzonspor midfielder who has played mostly as a substitute this season. Beautifully balanced and shot, the goal sealed his teams victory.
2. Franja (Bursaspor) : The guy struggled all throughout the game to give his best but his fight was not enough for his team to win. However shooting from a 15 degree angle, he scored a delightful free-kick goal from the right hand side of the field.
3. Ümit (Elazığspor) : A greatly finished counter attack goal. Great pace and drive from Mehmet Ali on the right wing ended with a nice cross to the inside, Ümit shot a first time volley to beat Bursaspor’s Kelemen. Well done.

Team of the week : Altay GK İzmir

The struggling İzmir side finally made a breakthrough. With good ball movement and counter attacks they managed to score 4 goals against a tough defending Samsunspor. Winger İnanç’s and forward Sinan’s performance is especially to be highlighted. Overall this might be the start of better days to come for the team which I believe deserves much more.

Player of the week : Okan Koç (Gençlerbirliği)

His pace is unbelievable, he is courageous, talented, strong and obviously self confidant. His drives left Galatasaray’s defenders helpless in many instances. 20 years of age, this is one of the names everybody should watch out for in the coming years. Just like his teammates Youla and Serkan Balcı, if given space, he is an ultimate predator.

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