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Name: Joe Rules
Birthdate: December 8, 1972
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 230 lbs.
Hometown: Milltown, NJ

Entrance Music:
1984 by Van Halen

Championships Held
  • East Coast Pro Wrestling Light Heavyweight Title
  • Pennsylvania Championship Wrestling Junior Heavyweight Title
  • Jersey All Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Title
  • Nittany University Park Title
  • Nittany Tag Team Title with Rick Silver
  • United Wrestling Coalition North American Title
  • United Wrestling Coalition New Lisbon Heavyweight Title (3x)
  • United Wrestling Coalition United States Title (3x)
  • United Wrestling Coalition Heavyweight Title
  • United Wrestling Coalition New Lisbon Tag Team Title with Taylor Nicole Rules
  • JWA Wrestling Alliance World Title
  • United Wrestling Federation World Title
  • JWA-United Wrestling World Title
Five Most Famous Opponents
  • George "The Animal" Steele
  • The "Birdman" Koko B. Ware
  • "Headshrinker" Samu
  • 911
  • Pitbull II

A native of Milltown, New Jersey, Joe Rules claims to be the "Greatest Professional Wrestler of All Time" ... Began his career as a successful "backyard wrestler" in June 1990 ... Had his first professional match on November 5, 1993 in Morganfield, Kentucky for New American Wrestling ... Defeated Bernie the Wrestling Dinosaur ... Competed on two other NAW shows before getting the professional training he needed ... After spending some time as a member of their ring crew, he enrolled in the ECW Wrestling Academy in Philadelphia in 1995 ... Trained by former ECW Television Champion J.T. Smith ... Classmates included Middknight, Jake Lawless, James Proper, and The "Celebrity" Chris Krueger ... Was a referee in the Lake Hiawatha, New Jersey-based East Coast Pro Wrestling under the name "Jack Kramden" ... Defeated by The "Birdman" Koko B. Ware on an IPW event in Haulton, Maine using the ring name "Joel Young" ... Feuded with Rockin' Rick Silver in Main Event Championship Wrestling during the summer of 1996 ... As Referee Jack Kramden, teamed with ECPW fan favorites to battle the evil Army of Darkness, in a 10-man elimination tag team match ... Turned on his partners by smashing "Mr. Italy" Gino Caruso with a steel folding chair ... Announced he was not Jack Kramden; he was JOE RULES ... Decided to pursue the ECPW Light Heavyweight Title ... Also entered Pennsylvania Championship Wrestling and briefly feuded with "Lightning" Mike Quackenbush ... Back in ECPW, he hired Tina Marie as his personal fitness trainer and nutritionist ... Claimed to weigh in at a "slim, trim 199 3/4 lbs." ... Clearly, this was not the case ... Dumped Tina Marie in favor of blond bombshell Darrah ... With Darrah in his corner, defeated Kid Blast to win the vacated ECPW Light Heavyweight Title in May 1997 ... Made PCW history by losing to Boogie Woogie Brown in 22.6 seconds ... In August, Luxurious Lynne, Darrah, Miss Italia, and Miss Asia entered the 1997 ECPW Bikini Contest ... Rules interrupted the proceedings and insisted he be allowed to enter the contest ... He removed his robe to reveal only a pair of speedos ... Won the tiera and roses ... Received the honored position of #500 in the 1997 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Top 500 Wrestlers list ... Nicknamed "Mr. 500" by Managing Editor Brandi Mankiewicz ... Captured the PCW Junior Heavyweight Title in September when champion Judd the Stud put the title on the line in a battle royal ... Lost the belt a month later to Mike Quackenbush in Orwigsburg ... Hooked up with Luxurious Lynne on October 31 at Jersey All Pro Wrestling in Bayonne ... Won a battle royal that night by eliminating Pitbull II and Patch to become the first-ever JAPW Heavyweight Champion ... Immediately lost the strap to Pitbull II in an impromptu match ... Replaced Darrah with Luxurious Lynne in ECPW ... As a result of Joe Rules defeating Dave Patera in a special challenge match, Barry Casino was forced to leave PCW, and Rules gained the contracts of every member of Camp Casino ... Brought Chris Krueger on board and renamed the team The Rulebreakers ... Defeated "Sterling" Rick Silver in Rules' former high school in Old Bridge on NWA-New Jersey's December 12, 1997 event ... Was voted ECPW's Most Hated Wrestler of the Year ... Had a falling out with Luxurious Lynne early in 1998 ... As a result, he quit ECPW without ever having lost the Light Heavyweight Title ... In February, he formed The Big Unit with former enemies Rick Silver and "Live Wire" Dave Desire ... Teamed with Chris Krueger and Col. Jihad Hussein to wrestle for the vacated PCW Six-Man Tag Team Title ... Lost to the team of Boogie Woogie Brown, Mike Quackenbush, and The Inferno Kid ... Wrestled Donn E. Allen in West Chester, Pennsylvania on March 20, 1998 for AAW in the first-ever battle of the #500s ... Donn E. Allen was #500 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated in 1994 ... Rules was managed by the Lovely Kerri, but Allen was accompanied by Luxurious Lynne! ... Allen pinned Rules with a DDT as the ladies were catfighting on the floor ... Rules and Lynne had a reconciliation, and she joined The Big Unit ... Helped Mr. Ooh La La defeat "Superstar" Lance Diamond for the PCW Americas Title ... Defeated the "All American" Jeff Peterson in Peterson's singles debut ... Was in Ooh La La's corner when he successfully defended his title against George "The Animal" Steele ... Ooh La La lost by countout but retained the belt ... With Marlena in his corner, Lance Diamond recaptured the Americas Title ... At one point, Marlena clobbered Joe Rules ... Rules battled George Steele himself in June ... Rules was accompanied by Chris Krueger while Capt'n Lou Albano accompanied Steele ... Rules lost ... Competed in Baltimore's Mid-Eastern Wrestling Federation over the summer ... Moved up to #421 in the 1998 PWI 500 ... Began dating Kristy Kiss who joined The Big Unit in November ... Teamed with Rick Silver in a PCW feud against The Soul Brothers ... Occasionally managed by Patricia M. Steinman ... Left PCW in January 1999 and disbanded The Rulebreakers ... Invaded New Jersey's United Wrestling Coalition to see an evening gown match involving popular valet Susanna ... When he found out Foo Foo, her originally scheduled opponent, wasn't there, Rules implied Luxurious Lynne would be the replacement ... However, it was RULES who came out later wearing a dress! ... Susanna pinned Rules and removed his evening gown ... It wasn't pretty ... Rated #445 in the 1999 PWI 500 ... Appeared on the nationally syndicated Jerry Springer Show in November when Kristy Kiss brought him on to accuse him of cheating on her ... As it turned out, Rules did indeed have a one night stand with "Tiny" -- a 350 lb. stripper! ... Joe Rules and Kristy Kiss are no longer together ... Feuded with Section 8 in the UWC while accompanied by both Luxurious Lynne and Patricia M. Steinman over the North American Title ... Defeated Section 8 for the title in a bootcamp match, and Luxurious Lynne renamed the championship "Lynne's Belt" ... Joe Rules started feuding with The Orphan over Lynne's Belt ... What does the future holds for this charismatic rulebreaker? ... Only time will tell ... [NOTE: This biography was written in 2000.]

PWI 500 Rankings



This match took place at the former Madison Central High School from which Joe Rules graduated in 1990. Steve Corino was the special guest ring announcer. With Luxurious Lynne in his corner, Rules defeated his long-time rival and future tag team partner with his patented Rulebreaker while many family members and friends (including The Lovely Kerri) looked on from the audience.


When Joe Rules whips his opponent into the ropes and catches him as he rebounds to slam him down to the canvas with his version of the sidewalk slam, the match is usually over three seconds later. The Rulebreaker injures the recipient's back while also knocking the wind out of him, leaving him easy prey to the pinfall.


Joe Rules has tangled with Boogie Woogie Brown on numerous occasions, both in singles and tag matches, but has never even come close to defeating him. Rules got the last laugh, however; due to a prematch stipulation, when Rick Silver defeated Scott Furie, Brown was forced to leave the Reading, Pennsylvania area. (If Silver lost, Rules would have had to leave.)


Joe Rules and The Orphan have been feuding in the United Wrestling Coalition for months now. And while Rules has had his share of victories, Orphan rendered his beautiful ring robe unfit to wear by blowing his nose in it, and he defeated Joe Rules for the North American Title in Six Flags Great Adventure. Their battles intensify with each UWC event, and Joe Rules has vowed he will not rest till he gains total and complete revenge on The Orphan!

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