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Welcome to Shanahan's Ranch

Welcome to Shanahan's Ranch: Breeder of Mini Rex, Mini lops and Satins rabbits.
Shanahan's Ranch is located in New Hampshire.
The breed I enjoy the most is the Mini Rex, I fell in love with this breed around 1980.
This breed would make someone a perfect size pet at 3-4 lbs. and a soft plush coat of fur.
I have several of the 14 recognized varieties here and am working on a few,
which are not recognized yet, like the otters.
I have added a new page to this site with some of the new varieties I have
and have added photo examples.
Also we have mini lops which are the clowns of the rabbit kingdom, and have a lovable personality.
Satins are a bigger rabbit, more commercial animal with a sweet personality and a "sheen" to their fur.

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Take a moment to visit a subdivision of our Rabbitry,
Shannon's Treasures, but clicking on the treasure chest below!
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Enjoy your tour of Shanahanís Ranch
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