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Welcome to my new Varieties page:

Introducing the Otter Mini Rex and the Sable Mini Lop.

The Otters are a new non- recognized variety in the Mini Rex breed of rabbit. The black otters have a deep black coat with the brown coloring behind the ears and the white eye circles around the eyes, lacing of brown are inside each ear, as well as the brown divides the belly color from the body color. Their belly is a lovely off white to creamy color.

This is the proposed working standard for this variety ....
Black: Body color to be a lustrous black uniform throughout, with a slate blue undercoat, to reach the skin. Markings: The belly and underside of the chin and tail to be creamy white. Body color to be divided by a distinct border of tan, nostrils and nape of neck to be tan. Eye circles and insides of ears to be tan. The fore feet on the front shall be predominantly black: tan border between the belly and flanks shall be continued down to the hind feet.
Faults: Brown or rusty tint to the body color. White or tan hairs other than the patterned areas. Grey belly surface. White spots in body color.
Mini Rex black otter variety

Shanahan's Princess

Some samples of otter patterned bunnies residing at Shanahan's Ranch ...

The Otters are underway here at the ranch, I have blacks and blues right now in bucks and does.
1st chocolate otters are here, one doe and one buck so far more being born in the following months. Working on the lilacs. I also have brokens in these three colors.

Check out my sale page 1st otter for sale BUT its pet quality.
Shanahan's Blackhole
Shanahan's Blackhole
solid otter
Shanahan's El Toro
Shanahan's El Toro
broken otter
Shanahan's Conrad
Shanahan's Conrad
solid otter

The Sable is a recognized variety in the Mini Lop breed, they are so pretty, almost chocolate color body with darker shading on the ears, and nose, feet and tail of the rabbit. Shading up sides of body is lighter in the color.

Sable Mini Lop
Shanahan's Heaven's Delight

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