Pilgrim Paws Numega!

My name is Pilgrim Paws Numega! I am a Brown Patched Classic Tabby female. I am currently being shown in CFF by Penny Wells and am doing very well. I can even Pray for the Judges!

Here I am with adopted Mom, Penny!

Yeah, I know, you want to see me do my stuff. My gimmick is that I Pray for the Judges. I do this on my own and am not coached in any way. They love it and so do my Fans!

I'm Warming up!

I am also smiling at this point. (wink!)

I'm pretty good if I do say so myself!


I am presently deeply involved in the CFF and CFA show seasons! Soon, however, I will have to retire to have kittens and carry on the Pilgrim Paws tradition.

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