Title: CFF Master Grand Champion.

Job Description: STUD. ( Yes, I can say that! )

Current Position: C.F.F.'s CAT OF THE YEAR!

Hobbies: I like the girls!! A nap is always nice too.

Pressing Tasks: Representing Pilgrim Paws, doing CFF Cat Shows by invitation only, Finding my next meal, and the GIRLS!! ( ah yes, the girls ).

Future Plans: Must find more girls. Get more pictures taken for my fans.

More Pictures Page!

My Pedigree!


I would like to thank all of the CFF Judges for deciding that I was worthy of being honored as Cat of the Year

My local site links:

Pilgrim Paws Home Page.

The Girls!!! ( Major's favorite local page )

The Kids. ( Not Major's favorite site)

My very close friends page:


This Page updated January 30, 2001






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