First they name me Bristail Cream after a drink, they call me Harvey, and then their's that stupid hat again! Well, it could be worse, they could have called me Morris!




They call me the Highlander. There can be only one! I am the Sire of the recent kittens of color on the kitten page. Nov. 7, I moved to Chicago to be with an old friend Jil. I hope I like it in the windy city or I may just have to come back here!!





April Rain and Mr. Nashua trying to figure out how to reach the pedals. April is smart and I'm sure she will figure out how to do it sooner or later!



My name is Mr. Nashua & I have been here for a long time. I have put up with a lot of kittens in my lifetime, and can't wait until they all go away!


Mr. Nashua and Lady Bug celebrating New Years! The ribbon is great but where's the FOOD?



Major League has left Pilgrim Paws for a new home. He enjoyed being shown as a kitten but retired to the quiet life. He has a new friend and is enjoying the company and less competition for laps. Major League was the C.F.F. 9th Best Kitten for the 1999-2000 Show Season! He is a Brown Classic Tabby American.

We Like it at Penny's but why can't we have our own website?

My name is Pilgrim Paws Wisker Snapper! I am one of Major's children. I have recently been adopted by a new family and will only get to visit, occasionally. I will miss Clark Kent alot! Thank you for following my short show career.

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Harvey, retired now, always likes to hear from members of his fan club! Harvey was the Best Cameo Tabby American in the World in CFF & CFA in 1994 - 1995!


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