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Updated: July 3rd 2008!

Hello there and welcome to my page. For some reason, my original index page was erased so if this looks a bit different, that's why.

Library: This is where I keep my writing. Editorials, Fan Fiction (Cyborg 009, Fullmetal Alchemist, Hogan's Heroes, CareBears and Lenore so far), Original Stories and some Poetry.

Iconaramma: This is where I keep my icons - at the moment, I only have Midori no Hibi ones but that may change.me guitar tabs that I figured out on my ownsome.

Odd-essy: This is mostly concerned with Internet Quizzes now a days.

Me Place: Here you can find out what I'm like.

Exit: Here is where you can go when you've had enough of me.

By the by, if you have any comments on my little page (such as: "one of your links don't work" or "I thought such and such was" or even "Who designed this page? A blind monkey?"), feel free to send them to me.