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The Shungu Cultural Artifacts Collection

ARTIFACT Gallery Presentation

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The Shungu Cultural Artifacts Gallery collects and exhibits african cultural, tribal and artistic artifacts; some of which are for sale. We are a family concern; working directly with the artisans, some who are independent, some who work with us. In most cases we make a commission on the sale of independent works; in some cases we sell the works of our own partner artisans.

The picture above showcases some of our exhibitions at art markets in Southern Africa. We remain very interested in old art forms, old methods and the use of naturally occuring substances and materials. It is easier to use nature as a mighty assistant here in Africa, as we have less technology to tempt us any other way.

We hope you enjoy the enchanting art of wooden carving and other related disciplines. We have a wooden bird exhibition at this site, as well as a wooden trunk sculpture exhibition; from master craftsmen like Allan Mutanhirwa, Ed Chipatiko, Moses Turai, Syer Tisha(dolls not for sale).

We want you to sample the best form of handcrafted wood arts. Please feel free to request information on other types of wood art. Please e-mail us with your comments and suggestions.

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