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Lee Harvey Oswald
Your Opinion
The strange thing about Kennedy’s assassination was the number of people had the motives but hard evidence was very hard to find. The fact that Oswald was so inspired by communism brings up the idea that Oswald could have been connected to the communists. The assassination took place during the Cold War when The Soviet Union was the main enemy of the U.S. The Soviet Union had the motive to kill Kennedy but the only evidence showing that the Soviet Union had anything to do with the assassination was that many days after the assassination of the president the Soviet Union president could not be found. The other communists country that could have led Oswald to kill Kennedy was Cuba. Kennedy had made many attempts to kill Castro, which gave Castro the motive to kill Kennedy. The evidence that links Oswald and Castro is that on September 23 through 25 Oswald met with leaders at a Cuban embassy. Here is where Oswald could have been hired or given the idea to assassinate Kennedy. Other groups that had the motive to kill the president could have been the FBI and the CIA. Kennedy has been quoted saying that he wanted to put an end to the CIA. The quote gave the CIA reason to assassinate the president. At least one time the FBI destroyed information on the Lee Harvey Oswald case. The information that was destroyed was a letter to a FBI agent in Dallas, mailed before Kennedy’s death. This makes critics think that the FBI and the CIA were covering up the assassination. The other group that had a motive could have been the Mafia. Kennedy had made many attempts to get rid of the Mafia during his time as senator. The only real evidence that we have between Oswald and the Mafia is that Jack Ruby was involved in the Mafia. So it is thought that Ruby killed Oswald so that Oswald wouldn’t tell about the Mafia hiring Oswald to assassinate the president.


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