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Lee Harvey Oswald
Your Opinion

With all of these motives many conspiracies have been thought of. Some have been so outrages that some have said that Lyndon Johnsonís wife hired Oswald to kill Kennedy so that Johnson could become president. One of these conspiracies is that Oswald wasnít the only assassin. Eyewitnesses claimed to here the shots come from different place such as the grassy knoll. The only problem with the eyewitnesses is that they have changed their stories throughout the years, or they have given outrages evidence that could not possibly be true. The other evidence that supports that there was another shooter, was that people thought it was highly unlikely that a person could shoot three shots and hit the president twice in only 5.6 seconds. The commission office has proven this theory to be wrong because it is very possible for a sharp shooter, especially Oswald, who was in the military to pull this off. To make it even easier for Oswald, the driver turned around to look at the president which slowed down the car, and Oswald could make its third and final shot. One of the hardest pieces of evidence pointing to a conspiracy was the fact of the consecutive deaths. Many people have died that relate to the assassination of President Kennedy.


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