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11. types of atmospheres i like

i like warm places, places with pools like the Devonian Gardens in Calgary.. with fish such as koi and those fat goldfish swimming in groups with the odd turtle lazing around. i like misty places with the sound of trickling waterfalls like in the Calgary Zoo greenhouse, the butterfly garden. the Regina Greenhouse. coffeehouses with low lighting, jazz music and comfortable places to sit and people scattered, talking and laughing and sipping their coffees. a place that smells of coffee or fresh bread or fresh rain. crisp fall leaves on the ground but a warm sun in the sky, and when a man is walking further ahead of me and smoking a pipe, the smell lingers and it seems just for me. i like lights reflecting off of water, even in the city after a rain when the streetlights streak the roads. bridges, especially moss-covered stone ones where someone is there to meet another. stained-glass windows where the sun is pouring in. any windows where sunlight pours or filters in. a light breeze moving long white curtains or blinds made of a natural material. i love to sleep in front of a fireplace that has a warm, fragrant fire burning; a campfire at night when one has someone to cuddle up against. when a choir is singing in an old cathedral in the evening. driving through the country and watching the sun dip behind the hills. walking in the country and finding a small patch of flowers growing, especially crocuses, or forest path. old abandoned houses in the country where the barn is falling in and the grass is up to your waist. treehouses, though i haven't been in one for a very long time. being on a boat and being able to see down into the water or being on a beach that is very sandy and no people are around, like on Lake Deifenbaker, or being on a beach where there are big waves dashing in and one can jump into the waves and ride them. waves hitting a dock on a windy night when the water is black. being underwater, especially in deep, clear water that isn't too cold with scuba equipment or goggles and flippers and being able to do somersaults. i imagine a place where i could be weightless would be supreme.