Funny Pictures!

Here are some pictures which I have downloaded. This is a family site, so get your mind out of the gutter!

New Pics!

Old Pics

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Mine too!

Interesting lowrider

An interesting picture which asks if you can find nine people.

New Absolut ad

Irony (Part 1)

Punk accountants - like my mom

New marijuana emblem!

Sign up to enroll at Texas A&M!

You too can adopt a highway

Only in Alabama!

See what happens when you imbibe too much alcohol.

I need to become friends with this guy.

Advice for dummies

Callista Flockhart gives us a sexy pose

Is he retarded?

I think I'll miss that cookoff

That's one pissed off granny

My physics teacher was Dr. Gay ...

Who should learn what? Arithetic?

Arnie and his best line ever ... from Kindergarten Cop!

An Aussie wedding

I bet the driver is having a barrel o' fun!





Beer troubleshooting guide

I don't remember Bert ever being on Jerry Springer ...

Best shot!

Can you find the black dot?

That's one big cock

Good time not to have a Beemer

One, two, three!


The shirt speaks for itself.

So true.

The marquee speaks for itself.

President Bush. Dubya!

TV President Bush

Rock on dude! (Part 1)

Mmm, butter.

Hey Vern, my pants are riding up.

The Canadian Navy enters the war against Osama!

That must be a good game - or good Carlsberg beer!

Castaway replacements

Don't talk on your cellphone while driving!


Not slick enough dude.


Cover article

Rock on dude! (Part 2)

Everyone can code html.



True Love (Part 1)

True Love (Part 2)

Nice quote

I'd vote for him.

Sometimes natural selection should be allowed to run its course.

Dear Lord!

Demotivation Part 1

Demotivation Part 2

Demotivation Part 3

Demotivation Part 4

Demotivation Part 5

Demotivation Part 6

Demotivation Part 7

The devil made me do it!

Nice sign

Watch out for those English-speaking dogs

Somebody's pissed ...

What's cooking?

Do you think she passed her test?

That's my kind of chess!

The Queen's Men



Do you believe this?

The next generation of computers

Somebody needs a job ...

Someone break the glass!

Interesting employment ad

I like this old guy.

Is that legal?

Sometimes I feel like this at work.

Indeed it did.

Nice family business

Buy one today!

New Wheaties box

This is Fatboy Slim


Some people ...

That's one flexible lady. (Part 1)

That's one flexible lady. (Part 2)

I bet there are a lot like this.

I'd be amused too if my truck was on my neighbor's roof

That's one heck of an unfortunate situation

Get your gas

Leave it to the Texans.

Ghetto headset?

Supposedly, this is a 3-D picture.

Interesting proof

A playset for the kiddies?

Interesting phone book ad

I hope I don't have a tombstone like this!

Stare at the dot in the center, and the haze will become smaller


I know some people who would want this game.

Those wacky Kansans and their unfortunately-worded headlines

Is this true?

At least they are honest.

Now hiring.

Yes, that is a good way to lose your job.