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Yes, mission impossible.

So true.

Does Smithers have this one?


The new Windows keyboard

Don't let your kitty run in a mine field.

Why women don't make good mechanics

Lee Harvey Oswald's last concert


I'd be there - in the space helmet.

Good to know.

Come on Osama, give him your love!

Let her in, she's hungry.

A typical manager. You know you work with one.

That all seems like good stuff to me

Those turtles must be worth a lot.









Chimps shouldn't smoke.


The wonderful world of marriage

Ewww, gross!

Now hiring. (Part 2)

Yes, let the church help.

Microsoft Stupidity 1

Microsoft Stupidity 2


Does this make me a commie?

You better listen to Mr. Spock.


Nice sign, kid.

I love Mr. Bean.

Christopher Reeve's replacement

Honesty is the best policy

Good road sign

So does mine.

Nu-cle-ar, it's pronounced nu-cle-ar.

Happy Holidays!

Okay ...

Limit yourself

Same idea

Are these lines parallel or do they slope?

The irony in this picture kills me.

Payback is a b#*@%!

And you thought that he doesn't hear you ...

Interesting personal

What the puppet formerly known as the puppet is doing these days

Hey Conan! Yeee-hah!

Burn baby burn!


Irony (Part 2)

That's one mean county

Somebody's pissed ... (Part 2)


There are too many picketers in the world

Funny cartoon!

The guy that brought the blowup doll to prom is mighty brave.

Florida Recount Protest Part 1

Florida Recount Protest Part 2

Florida Recount Protest Part 3

Florida Recount Protest Part 4

Florida Recount Protest Part 5

Florida Recount Protest Part 6

Nice way to carve the pumpkin

Poor Steve