Funny Pictures 3!

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What guys really read

Redneck laptop

Redneck pool

Redneck Christmas tree

You better listen to Ponch.

Or these guys

Interesting propaganda from the early 1940's

Natural selection at its best

Poor Ronald

Go Rudy!

No Christmas this year!

I've been there.

Do you believe this? (Part 2)

Dr. Seuss at his best!


Maybe these guys should have stayed in shcool a little bit longer.

Too funny not to post!



Mmm, Duff.

Will they find her?

That must be some bust.

Real book?

Some scientists have way too much free time.

Is there really any question which way this guy is going?

Submit your application!

Teamwork rules!

Nice Mexican beer ad

Welcome to Tennessee!



Actual homecoming court of a Texas high school

This is how you should feed animals.

I would respond to this.

I'd take the toy Yoda.

Nice trophy!

Yes maam.

Coming soon to a theater near you.

Message to the Taliban

An understatement of violence?

Sobering experience?

Children's parties?

UPS vs. Fed Ex

Ice ice baby.

I'm with stupid!

Give him some cash!

New welfare slogan

Focus on the dot in the center and move your head backwards and forwards.

New search engine

They need to lock this guy up for a long time.

What's up with the toilet seat?

Check your local newstand for this new magazine!

Nice Windows shirt (Part 1)

Nice Windows shirt (Part 2)

Unfortunate (Part 2)

That's blonde women, of course

Grandpa's favorite Christmas gift!

Only in Kentucky ...