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updated - 04/21/2001

From MY heart to YOURS @ 12:06 AM 4/21/01:

Consider "Emotion 8" dead. Gone are the days of E8...BUT...Here are the days of "Sugarcrush Hero". We really got sick of all the number bands popping up, even though technically we have been Emotion 8 since 1996. "Sugarcrush Hero" seemed a suitable name for the few out to save rock and roll.

Well, for those of you who insist on being uninformed, we recently added another guitar player to our ranks...BUT...we have come to believe that this will be a short lived thing. James is super rad, but unfortunately he is super busy as well.

I must appologize to everyone. I have been talking and talking and talking about us playing shows soon and recording soon. The truth of the matter is...I have hit the most severe form writers block that I have ever experienced. I feel like i couldn't write a song to save my life. I have about a hundred seperate pieces written, but only about two full songs. Maybe I am too picky. Maybe not. I want every song to be perfect and have all these perfect parts. I refuse to be another mediocre band. I rufuse it!!! I've seen and hated too many of those bands. However, never fear...

It's raining tonight. All I can think about is some girl that there is no way for me to hook up with. She's SO perfect too (I think I say that about every girl), that's the killer. I notice things about her that I never notice about girls. I have no idea what to do. I'm feeling rather lonely in fact. Everyone is gone. Montel is in Australia for three weeks spending time with the love of his life and here I am, watching the rain, and feeling sorry for myself. That's okay though. I wouldn't have it any other way. For some weird reason, I find some sort of solice in loneliness. I'm begining to think I enjoy playing the role of the heartbroken hero.

I've been doing CD reviews in my free time. If you would like to receive my CD reviews or suggest a CD for me to review holler at me at E8. So far I've reviewed Element 101, Puller, Semisonic, Grade, Dashboard Confessional, and Further Seems Forever. I usually review a CD that I've recently picked up.

I also bought a new guitar fairly recently. a black les paul. it's beautiful and it sounds great! I just hope I get to use it on stage. Emotion 8/Sugarcrush Hero will continue no matter what. It ain't over til it's over and it AIN'T over. When everything tells you, "It's over", keep pressing on. When everyone quits, moves away, gets ousted, has freaking writers block...keep going!!!

So what's next, you may be asking. Well, I will keep on trying to continue to write until I get about an album's worth of material...then we'll see what happens. Hopefully we'll play some shows...that's really the only reason I'm doing this. I love playing shows more than anything!

I love you ALL!!!

PS...If it's raining where you are now...go outside and stand in the rain...look up to the sky and be thankful for life. No matter how crappy you think your's is, there's ALWAYS somebody worse off than you.

PPS...I'm going to bed. I wish it would rain some more. I think I'm the only person who loves thunderstorms.

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