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What's new in the world of Emotion 8?

2001 - pt. 2.5 - The following is a continuation of my rant on the disoppointments I have with the Omaha music scene (or lack there of). Scenario #1 - I was at a show, whose bands and venue shall remain nameless, and I bumped into someone I knew from high school. After the casual conversation that took place he diappeared into a sea of guys with Buddy Holly glasses, sloppy (dyed) black hair, and brown polyester pants (work jacket optional). That's when I said to myself, "This is getting out of hand." This is where my "The Omaha music scene is too clique-y" arguement comes in. As it turns out, you're just not cool if you're not listening to the new Faint album, or your band isn't signed to Saddlecreek Records, or (of course) you're not wearing the latest scenester fashion. Now, don't get me wrong. I have The Faint's first CD and I like some of the bands on Saddlecreek Records, so this is not a stab at either. This is a stab at the crowd both draw. Grow up! Scenario #2 - Monte and I went to the Diffuser show here a couple weeks ago. Right after Diffuser finished. We started talking to these two guys behind us. They both spoke very highly of the band Clever. This is where my "Rap-core just plain old sucks" arguement comes in. This is what the one guy said, "Have you ever heard of Clever...They blow that Diffuser band off the stage." Now either he was a redneck or a frat boy. I pesonally can't stand either so we'll leave it at that. The fact remains, If Clever was "so good", why aren't they touring the country, putting songs on the M:I-2 soundtrack, and getting their stuff played internationally, like my boys in Diffuser are. I must not be the only one growing weary of all the (c)rap-core bands out there. Needless to say something must be done, the sooner the better. If we fail to help facilatate the influx of new, fresh bands, I desperately hope somebody else will. Thanks to Saddlecreek Records for not going rap-core! --> Joshi

2001 - pt. 2 - I sat down at my computer tonight and hit to check on how the old Omaha music scene was doing. To my dismay, I found that the Omaha chart was littered with generic cookie cutter Korn bands. First of all...the whole metal scene is so stale now it's pathetic. It's dying, accept it! Anymore it's hard to tell one band from the next. "That was (insert standard hard music band here)" you say. Well shoot, it sure sounded like the Defclones to me. When are we going to move on?!? It's as hard to tell one new "metal" band from the next as it is to tell N'SYNC from the Backstreet Boys. Second...I was really hoping Omaha could represent with a little more flavor, or originality, or musical (writing) talent. Yeah, you can play guitar better than me, but who cares when all your stuff sounds like Limp Bizkit. Third...I've really had all I can handle of this rap-core / rap-n-roll BS. You've killed the scene. I'll admit it, I do have the first Phunk junkeez CD and the new Project 86 CD, but come on...even the guys in Project 86 refuse to be labeled rap-core because it's all so stale. Enough is enough. Now it's all filtering down to the local scenes. If Omaha, of all places, is polluted with this garbage, I'd really hate to check out the L.A. scene. Or maybe L.A. has found the cure and moved on. If that's the case, PLEASE L.A., cure us! Now I do realize there are a lot of descent bands from Omaha not up on yet. My appologies to you. However, please, I beg you to post your material on or somewhere else with a little clout. If I think this way and I'm from Omaha, how do you think the rest of the country or world views Omaha. I do have one more complaint on the Omaha scene. It's WAY too clique-y. Hi, I've been out of high school for 5 years now. (Scenesters suck anyway) Can we all grow up now. Okay, I'm through complaining now, I promise. I do however have a challenge to you the reader. If you have been blessed with any musical talent and you plan on playing in a band, do something new. Do something fresh. Surprise us. Step out and use the talent you have been given, don't just fall in line behind Joe Schmoe. Let's see what you've got! --> Joshi

2001 - pt. 1 - What's the word y'all?!? I don't know about anyone else, but it's been a long and crazy holiday season. A new year, a new president, a new Emotion 8, and lot's of other stuff, that slips my mind right now, too. Wesley Gilis (former E8 guitar/singer) began recording his debut solo effort, which is coming along great from what I hear. I've been pulling drum duty for Wes's live shows and it's been a lot of fun. Wes is the Elvis of the 21st century, so pick up his new release when it hits the streets. As soon as he is finished with recording his album, We (E8) are gonna hit the studio to work on an EP with the new "band". Our EP is tentitively titled "It's Now or Never". Plans will probably change tomorrow, so don't hold your breath. Also, in late February, Mint Bon Bon will be hitting the Isochromatic studio to record some heart-breaking hits. Last time we recorded there we had so much fun the actual recording took a back seat. If you have any questions about any of these releases, shoot us an email and we'll get you what you need. However, we'll keep you updated as to when release dates are, so fret not my friends. --> Joshi

Christmas Shopping Season '00 - I still haven't begun my Christmas shopping adventure. I'm not all that sure that I want to. Anyway, in other news, my sister will now be doing all the singing. I just want to play rock n roll guitar! --> Joshi

Thanksgiving '00 - It's been a long day of food and movies! I'm getting weary. I think I've gotta rock a couple extra times this week to work off all that crazy food! So, I took the picture down of me and the little pepsi girl. I had some complaints. Eat it! Anyway, I've updated a couple little things here and there...chances are I'm the only one that'll notice. We're working hard to bring you the rock! Practices have been few and far between lately due to holiday schedules, but the ones we can squeeze in are rockin! We're looking for a lead guitarist right now. If you like play and you like to rock, hook up with us. Oh yeah, Angelfire has been slow as hell lately so, I'm sorry. Enjoy the rock! I'm out!!! I've got things to do --> Joshi

Halloween '00 - Yo! I'm sitting here listening to some old 80's metal enjoying my Halloween, although this one is not nearly as cool as last year's. Anyway, I hope eveyone did some wicked trick-or-treating. Oh yeah! This week I had the the rare opportunity to get to know Hallie Kate Eisenberg, you know...the Pepsi girl. She's so rad! I had fun talking to her. That's the picture that's above. Well, back to E8-land...Wes Gillis (the former singer/guitarist for E8) has been pulling drum duty. It's been a ton-o-fun. He's been rocking hard while I've been getting used to lead singer duties. There are plans of recording a new E8 song in the near future. Hopefully that'll get going before too long. As soon as we get it recorded, we'll let you know. In the meantime, now has both of our old recorded songs. To check them out, click here. That's about all that I can think of for now. I'm off to bed. --> Joshi

Fall '00 - We're back! Well, not really, but i do have intentions of getting the old E*8* wheels a turning. New songs and more than likely a new lineup. We'll see. I'm currently writing a bunch of new songs to use. They [the songs] are a litle more gritty than before so...stick around. Maybe something will happen. As you can tell the whole site has been redone...kinda symbolic, huh? I have also finally added "Doomed From The Start" to the sounds page. Oh yeah, I don't want to hear anything about the use of colors here. Pastels are a dying breed. --> Joshi

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