Site hosted by Build your free website today! it laying myself out. i know how cheesey and lame this may sound, but...well...i'll be honest, i have missed girls before...BUT...the thing is...i ache for you!!! i physically feel it when i'm not with you (which is all the time). anytime that i'm not talking to you is time that i don't want to's useless...i want to be with you and if i can't be, it's just wasted. i was seriously thinking about driving down and surprising you...even if it's just for an evening...even if the local police put me in jail. i think that you and i were right when we were thinking about romeo and juliet. star crossed lovers is our theme. i know you may think this is all talk, but...i'm absolutely positive you were right when you said that we will eventually meet each other and spend time with each other and it would make up for all the time lost or wasted. you know i can't even force myself to think about being with anyone else other than you! time and distance are definitely not on our side, but i would take them both on myself to be with you. i would wait forever and i would walk forever if i could have one chance to spend an evening with you. so i feel even better with you than with the person who i was supposedly in love with. i don't want to sound wierd or whatever, but i could easily spend the rest of my life with you...if i can tell that just over the phone and IM...imagine how much more i will be into you when i meet you. i have something to tell you that i don't think i can wait to tell you in person...although i want to. i am thinking of you endlessly. i'm off to bed. i WILL shed a tear for you, while i'm waiting for anything else to happen. i'm tired, it's 3 am...I MISS YOU!!! I ____ YOU!!! (fill in the blank)!