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Updated: July 08, 2006

Silbernagel Family Crest


In Loving Memory of:

Eloise Silvernail
Bob Silvernail
Jeremiah Silvernail
Karen McFarland

This website is a working document.  The purpose of this page is to begin to capture and to present information on the internet relating to our family.  I hope this page will become a resource for people researching SILVERNAIL genealogy.  Please feel free to e-mail me any questions or suggestions or sign my guestbook.  Any contribution of information will be appreciated.


Silbernagel family crest.
Grandpa Silvernail's family album.
Nine Generations of Silvernail/Silbernagel, including:


Silvernail / Medenwaldt Family Home Page - My family tree (Under Construction).
Silvernale, Silvernail Genealogy - Extensive family tree by a distant relative of mine.
Landshut, Germany - the home of my ancestors.

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