This is a FINISHED story

Alrighty then, this is our story... made up by us! So we would be very happy if you kept it that way and not take any.. and we mean ANY ideas from here... better yet, don't take the idea for the story... or we'll come lookin for ya..... sorry to be so harsh but in these times.. ya just gotta be :c)

Ok, we don't know Hanson, never met Hanson and we don't have anything to do with Hanson or their family. We don't know how they would act in the situations we have put them in, we have only guessed... we guess you could say that we used our imaginations! *gasp*

Have to warn you... there is language and content for mature readers only

Ok, you can read our story now... hope you enjoy it :c)

oh yeah, a (*) means that it is a new chapter.. :c)

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