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Patriarch of the Family

Who was Peter Kivett, and what were his origins? Anyone studying the Kivett family has asked this question.

I have found a reference in Pennsylvania German Pioneers (by Strassburger & Hinke) to a Peter Küwit coming to America on the ship Edinburgh from Rotterdam in July 1749. According to this book, he took the "usual Oaths to the Government" at the Court House in Philadelphia.

Was this our Peter Kivett?

  • It is interesting that Peter Küwit's immigration in 1749 was followed by Jacob Küwit in 1752 and our Peter Kivett named one of his sons Jacob. If Jacob is Peter's father, this would follow Dutch naming patterns of the time.
  • Peter's grave marker spells the name "Kevit". The German "w" is pronounced as "v" and therefore this is probably a close phonetic American spelling of "Kwit".
  • Most compelling of all, a fellow Kivett researcher has found Peter Kwit's signature where he signed the Oath of Allegience in 1749. This can be viewed by visiting Peter of the Palatinate. Note, you will also find a more extensive Kivett family tree there. Enjoy your visit and tell Donna that cousin Nancy sent you!
  • If you have any information about Peter Kivett, please do not hesitate to click on "Home" and share with everyone by signing my guestbook. I'd love to hear from you!