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I am a direct descendant of Peter Kivett, or as reflected in his signature from his last will and testament above, Peter Kwit. Many believe that Peter is from England and others (including myself) have long considered him of Dutch descent, believing the above signature to be Pieter Kieviet. I now believe that Peter is indeed German, born Peter Kwit. Click on his name above and learn why.

Read Peter Kivett's Last Will and Testament
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Peter Kwit came to America in 1749 and settled in Randolph County, North Carolina around 1753. He and his wife, Anna Barbary, had 4 sons and 4 daughters. The Kivett family tree is ever-growing, and ever-changing as we learn more about our ancestors.

If you are a descendant, and have or want additional information, please let me know. My goal in creating this page is to provide a forum for exchanging information, trying to answer the tough questions, and filling in the gaps in our family tree.

The family tree posted here follows my direct lineage noted below. I hope to add to it over time. The information was compiled from a GED file provided by Dottie Bass, IGI and AFN records found on the LDS web site, records and documents found among a great-aunt's personal files and my own personal knowledge. It should be viewed as a possible source of collaboration and comparison, and should be verified to your own satisfaction. I hope you find something useful to your research here. If you find errors, please let me know.


My Direct Lineage

1st generation: Peter Kivett m. Anna Barbary
2nd generation: John Matthew Kivett, Sr. m. Rosa Aldridge
3rd generation: Henry Kivett m. Sarah Sally Vestal
4th generation: Thomas Jefferson Kivett m. Sarah Ann Butler
5th generation: William Larkin Kivett m. Esther Vestal

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