I am presently a bit behind with production and I am having trouble keeping up with demand but I hope to have some dulcijos on the website in the near future. Thanks for your patience. 9/2015

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What’s a Dulcijo?

A video by Richard Hefner

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Mount Airy Autumn Leaves Festival

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Come jam with us at the Mount Airy Autumn Leaves Festival coming up October 9 through the 11, 2015.



Click here for the Earl Scruggs Center

Take a look at our Autumn Leaves Festival Videos.
Check out the volume and clarity of the dulcijo in a string band setting. Mount Airy Autumn Leaves Festival Videos

Click here for some Dulcijo Recordings

Great video made by my friend Pat Kelleher and his son Ricky
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The Earl Scruggs Center

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We were very proud and honored the dulcijo was included in a display of luthiers and instruments in the Earl Scruggs Center in Shelby NC.

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Possum Hollar live on WPAQ Radio show the Merry go Round 1

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Possum Hollar live on WPAQ Radio show the Merry go Round 2

Singer/Actress Sydney Shepherd plays a dulcijo
Check out Sydney's music at

for more information email me at michaelfox_2001@yahoo.com

The Dulcijo
Clawhammer Pick Discussion

Mel Bay's Dulcimer Sessions Article on the Dulcijo

Observer News Dulcijo Article

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A Long Winding Road

A documentary about the Blueridge Parkway with music provided by the dulcijo.

for more information contact Michael Fox