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Abe's Retreat
Amazing Grace
Battle of New Orleans
Bells of Saint John
Betsy Lickens
Big Scioty
Bill Baily
Bill Cheatum
Black Mountain Rag
Bonapart Crossing the Rhine
Breaking up Christmas
Cacklin Hen
Chicken Reel
Cluck Old Hen
Cold Frosty Mourning
Cotton Eyed Joe
Cowboy's Dream
Cricket on the Hearth
Cripple Creek
Cumberland Gap
Duck River
Durang's Hornpipe
Emma's Lullaby
Fisher's Hornpipe
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss
Foggy Mountain Breakdown
Forked Dear
Gal I Left Behind Me
Golden Slippers
Good Old Mountain Dew
Green Willis
Hangman's Reel
Hard Times
Harper's Shottishe
Home Sweet Home
I Saw the Light
I am the Bravest Cowboy
Ill Fly Away
John Hardy
John Henry
Julie Ann Johnson
June Apple
Kitchen Girl
Leather Britches
Liberty through the Corn liquor Still
Little Red Hair Girl
Loch Lomond
Miss Mcloud"s Reel
Mississippi Sawyer
Mole in the Ground
Needle Case
New Five Cents
Old Joe Clark
Old Molly Hare
Over the Waterfall
Paddy on the Turnpike
Polly Put the Kettle On
Pretty Miss Liza
Ragtime Annie
Raleigh and Spencer
Red River Valley
Red Wing
Ruebens Train
Sail Away Ladies
Saint Ann's Reel
Sandy Boys
Scotland the Brave
Seneca Square Dance
Shady Grove
Shortnin Bread
Simple Gifts
Soldiers Joy
Spotted Pony
Staten Island Hornpipe
Sugar Hill
Sugar in the Gourd
Swing Low Sweet Chariot
Tater Patch
Temperance Reel
Tennesee Wagoneer
Texas Quickstep
Turkey in the Straw
Walking in the Parlor
West Fork Gals
Whiskey Before Breakfast
Wildwood Flower
Will the Circle be Unbroken
Winnboro Cotton Mill Blues
Wreck of the Old 97
Year of Jubelo
Yellow Rose of Texas
Mandy's Lullaby

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