Dulcijo FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

How many strings does a Dulcijo have?
The Dulcijo has three strings. The third string is short string like the fifth string on a 5-string banjo.
What kind of strings do you use?
We use the first string from a 5-string banjo for each of the Dulcijo strings.  We normally use .009 gauge strings. Alternatively, you could use a second banjo string as your second Dulcijo string if your prefer the second string to be tighter.
Where can we get tabs for the Dulcijo?
This site has many tabs available, but you will be surprised at how quickly you will be able to pick out songs by ear on the Dulcijo, reducing the dependence on learning a lot of tablature.

Where can I find parts for the Dulcijo if I need them?
A lot of the parts are standard banjo parts but we can supply any replacement parts you may need for your Dulcijo.

Can the Dulcijo be played in different keys?
The Dulcijo best suited for the key of D or A, but different tunings can be used on the Dulcijo to play in different keys.

Is the Dulcijo like a strum stick?
The Dulcijo has a diatonic scale like a strum stick but the Dulcijo is designed to be played like a banjo, with a high pitched short 3rd string.  The strum stick is more like a hand-held dulcimer.

Is the Dulcijo a toy or a real string band instrument?
I play my Dulcijo along with a fiddle, guitar, and bass and it takes the place of the banjo and adds a very distinct high melody to the band.  I have no trouble supplying enough volume to blend with the string band.  The Dulcijo has been fretted to give true notation, the construction is sturdy, and the setup makes the Dulcijo as playable as any banjo.

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