GIF Construction Set - Idiot-Proof Animation.

With GIF Construction Set You Can

I was a little fearful of putting any animation on my pages, until I found this program. Even a guitarist can use this program. Heck, even a bass player can do it!
The first thing I did in GIF Construction set, was to animate my favorite scene from Calvin and Hobbes. Once I scanned in the comic strip, I cut and pasted the panels as separate frames, chose a frame rate, and VOILA! Dancing Calvin and Hobbes!

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GIF Construction Set Professional represents the state of the art in GIF animation software. With it you can:

Assemble your original animations with little effort through the animation wizard.
Squeeze them down to as close to nothing as possible with the supercompressor.
Create eye-catching banners and animated transitions.
Manage your GIF files.
Add transparency to existing graphics.

The extensive documentation and tutorials included with GIF Construction Set Professional are easy to understand and get you started quickly.

GIF Construction Set Professional requires a Pentium or better processor. A display adapter and Windows screen driver capable of displaying more than 256 colors are recommended.

If you need a less extensive version of GIF Construction Set, check out GIF Construction Set Classic.

"...this is surely the best gif animation tool available..."
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