Evolutionary Audio Pro

With Evolution Audio Pro You Can

This is almost as good as a band. While programmed music lacks some of the finer dynamic touches that only a human can do, novice musicians lack those finer touches also. So this program is better than the average garage band, and it doesn't get drunk and make a pass at your daughter.


* Multiple stave editing in score window

* Lyric entry and display with or without the score

* Karaoke Lyric Screen

* Easy chord input coupled with 16 cool styles

* Auto accompaniment can be exported in Standard MIDI File format

* Great for Web music creation

* Multiple Port Mixer

* Multiple editing windows

* Programmable Mixer User Controls

* Punch In Record

* New Win95 friendly installation

Evolution Audio Pro is a MIDI sequencing software that allows you to integrate 8 or 16-bit CD quality audio with MIDI. The result is a low-budget home sound studio on your PC. You can record on up to 256 tracks, include audio patterns ( .WAV files) and even a chord track with 16 preset styles.

Full versions of Evolution Audio Pro are bundled with Samplitude Lite allowing recording and editing of 2 audio tracks. Samplitude will directly sync to AVI Videos along with Evolution Audio Pro. Upgrades to Samplitude MultiMedia, Pro and Studio are available.

Updates from Procyon and Procyon Pro are also available.

The On-screen keyboard is ideal for all of you who don't know a B flat minor from a Bull's foot ! Simply select the chord type you wish to play, and then a single mouse press on the keyboard will play an instant chord with all the appropriate notes displayed in red! Couldn't be simpler! There's even a playright option to correct all those other notes that don't match with your chord.

The Mixer screen allows to to fully automate your mixes. Watch those faders move on their own as they follow your recorded movements with VU indicators to show what's happening.

Evolution Audio Pro even has a Multi-Stave Score Edit screen which allows you to view your MIDI information in standard musical notation. This can also be edited and printed in the full versions.

In addition there is a Drum Editor, optimised for General MIDI - A Piano Roll Editor including draw facilities for controllers - An Event List Editor with a full Sysex Editor and a Notepad for adding written notes to your music (Notepad information is only saved out in .sng format files)

Also on disk: Check out the excellent XG MIDI file samples available by kind permission of Yamaha Media Technology UK. These short samples will play back on any soundcard, but will sound absolutely awesome on any XG compatible sound module. Your new Evolution Audio Pro will help you get the best out of XG products.

Evolution Electronics Ltd reserve the right to change product specifications, prices and details without prior notice.

This product is from the UK and prices are quoted in pounds sterling. Current price is 85.10.

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